The Ten Best Guys to Date at Least Once

Published: December 22, 2014

We all hear the stories of what kind of guys are the best to be with and which ones you should stay away from. Well here are the top ten types of guys you should absolutely date at least once in your life. 

  1. The Bad Boy

    Yes, I know you have been told to stay away from this guy because you will get your poor little heart broken, and you probably will but you should try him out anyway. Why you ask? Because he is super sexy that’s why! Every woman should experience that can’t get enough of him because he’s so damn bad type of feeling. It’s exhilarating and while he is with you he will make you feel oh so good, problem is he will probably be doing that for some other girl tomorrow. Keep in mind that most of these guys can’t be pinned down and just enjoy the ride. 

  2. The Mama's Boy

    Another guy you have been told to avoid but you should test him out too. A mama’s boy is one that really, really, really loves his mother and that’s a good thing. You have heard the saying that you can judge a man by how he treats his mother so chances are the mama’s boy will treat you like gold. The problem is your relationship is probably going to feel more like a threesome after a while. So date this guy for as long as you can stomach it and feel what it feels like to be really special.

  3. The Adrenaline Junky

    This guy is into racing and base jumping and crazy things that would normally make you run in the other direction. You must date this guy because even if it doesn’t work out you will always remember your time with him as one of the most exciting of your life. Nothing gets the blood flowing quite like bungee jumping hand in hand with the guy you’re with. He will get you to try new things and take a chance on life. Who knows you might become a whole new you.

  4. The Sensitive Guy

    This guy will give you what every girl wants, movie love. They write poems and sing to you (hopefully in tune) and they are always thoughtful. They pay attention and surprise you will special dates and gifts that make you swoon. Just be careful because if you’re not as thoughtful you might hurt his feelings. So take a chance on this guy and finally get your perfect movie moment!

  5. The Military Man

    Yes, these guys can be kind of cocky but heck they do have a reason. This guy will have you traveling all over and going on adventures. You will have the added benefit of having everyone in awe that your man is a hero. And did I mention the uniform??? Um yes please. They always look so sexy in those uniforms, which is a HUGE plus. They might be gone for long periods of time which can really suck but those times make for oh so romantic reunions. This can be a challenging relationship but if you pick the right guy it can be so worth it. Give it a try, I did and I married him oorah!

  6. The Executive

    This guy will probably be super busy but when you are with him it will be amazing. He might whisk you off to an island in the Caribbean for a week-end one month and then take you to that exclusive restaurant you can get into the next. You will be treated like a princess if he can schedule you into his plans (the right guy will by the way). If you enjoy the finer things in life and time to be alone as well, he may be your match.

  7. The Artist/Musician/Actor

    This guy is very in tune with who he is and his craft. They tend to be very moody and mysterious which of course is very sexy. Their creative energy will be like a rush to you and can make for some very romantic, unique experiences. You might find yourself at one of his shows (maybe he’ll write you a song) or posing for one of his paintings. This guy can give you the spice your life has been missing. Just keep in mind you might be having sex in candle light after eating Ramen because he might not have much money. But hey, who needs money when they have love..right?

  8. The Blue Collar Guy

    This guy is rough and tough and just so damn manly. He could be a construction worker building, well hell building anything! These guys are great with their hands (wink, wink) and can pretty much fix anything. They tend to be physically fit (without having to spend hours in the gym), can protect you and tend to be teddy bears on the inside. These guys know the value of a hard day’s work so they appreciate money and are great guys to settle down with. He might come home all dirty and sweaty but hey just take it as an opportunity to shower with him!! 

  9. The Country Guy

    We have all seen this guy on TV (and maybe in real life). You know the cornfed, buff, gentlemen who refers to women as ma’am. These guys are sweet, handsome and down to earth. He will take you for a ride on his tractor in the moonlight and bare his soul to you. He is sensitive but in a manly way. He also knows the value of a hard day’s work and will appreciate being able to just relax with you. This guy is a must, if you go for that sensitive but sexy type. 

  10. The Party All Night Guy

    This one might be confusing, but hear me out. This guy loves a good party, is always in a good mood and can bring the kid out in you. He might be a little, or a lot, unpredictable but that’s part of his charm. You might do bad things and have a few hang overs with this guy but you won’t regret it, hopefully. Another thing is that they know everybody!! So you will get into the hottest clubs (above and underground). You will make some of your craziest and possibly best memories with this guy.

So take a chance on these guys. You will have lots of memories, laughs and maybe some tears to show for it. You'll also get to know what you like, don't like, want and don't want long term. You know the saying "You have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince."