The best pet stores of sussex county, NJ

Published: November 16, 2013

If you have a pet, you may be wondering which pet store to go to. You may want the best variety and the best price. 

  1. Nature's Cove

    Natures Cove has a wide variety of products for a variety of animals. From selling animals to the food and products to care for them, Natures Cove has it all. They recently opened up a pet grooming section to their store. 

  2. J &G Pet foods

    Located on Clinton Street they sell a wide variety of food for the right price. They have it all. Another great local store.

  3. Maxwell's and Molly's Closet

    This pet boutique offers a variety of items for your pet, typically a little higher priced but who could resist at that price. 

  4. Pet's Smart

    Why it may be a franchise it does its job well. They care a wide variety of items available on an everyday basis. They also have a full service grooming center and a variety of dog training classes. 

  5. Route 23 Pet Center

    It is number 5 on the list because of its distance from Newton. They offer a variety of items and very decent prices. If you are in the area it is the go to pet shop. 

Nature Cove is the best pet shop in sussex county. All who made the top 5 list are excellet and well recommend shops.