Top haunted, eerie, unsettling places in California

Published: December 17, 2014

Places where people have been brutally murdered, sites of mysterious and deadly accidents, eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity are some examples of what we call haunted "hot spots". Yet, just as we have a fear of the unknown, there is a magnetic attachment to these places that makes us drawn to it. Here's the list of the top haunted locations you can go to, if you have the courage.

  1. The Winchester Mystery House, San Jose

    Starting off on our list is the prototypical haunted mansion. Not just any mansion of course, this house belonged to Sarah Winchester who was the wife of William Winchester, founder of the winchester rifle. Known to have been the gun that won the west through countless bloodshed, several strange occurences repeated themselves to the Winchester family and were thought to be revenge of those who died on the battlefield. Soon after Sarah's husband and their six month old daughter died, she immediately contacted a psychic who told her that in order to escape the same fate as her family, she would need to head west and create a mazelike mansion to trick the spirits following her.


    What you will notice on arrival:

    Rooms leading to knowwhere, bathrooms with no handles, doors that lead to a straight drop from the second floor.

  2. Alcatraz Island, San Francisco

    If the corridors of a high security prison won't spook you, consider the tought of being locked up in a location built upon an isolated island. Known as "The Rock", this prison housed many inmates such as Al Capone, George "Machine gun Kelly, Alvin Kapis, and Arthur "Doc" Baker. Not only that, but many practices of torture, punsihment, and extreme solitary confinment are connected to this prison.


    What you will notice on arrival:

    Several cold spots with no wind, the smell of fresh smoke, sounds of crying and screams coming from the cells, ghostly apparitions stalking the grounds.

  3. Queen Mary, Long Beach

    Resting on Long Beach harbor, this luxury travel ship hides a much sinister history. During World War II, the Queen Mary was transformed to carry allied troops up to 800,000 and was present in almost every major pacific and transatlantic battle. During it's bloody years, there have been reported 49 confirmed deaths within the walls of this ship.


    What you will notice on arrival:


    Sights of ghosts in 1930s attire, the spirit of Jackie, the girl who drowned, a lone woman in an elegant dress dancing.

These are but a few haunts you can try for yourself when in California. Among these are must haves for any first time ghost adventurer and explorer. Now, go out there and prepare yourselves as these locations are no easy task.