10 Best Underrated Series Available To Stream On Netflix(US)

Published: December 15, 2014

Ever just run out of those "MUST SEE" shows everybody tells you to watch? Look no further. This list will introduce you to 10 great series that(hopefully) you haven't seen yet! These selections are based off of plot originality, watchability, and acting/writing quality.

  1. United States of Tara

    This one of a kind Showtime comedy/drama series follows the life of Tara Gregson; a suburban housewife, artist, and mother of two quirky teenagers. This sounds like it could be any other show on television, except for the part I left out; Tara struggles with a severe case of dissociative personality disorder which acts as a catalyst for chaos, confusion, and even hilarity as Tara battles with her alternate personalities for control over her life. This show has a wonderful cast and endearing, real, lovable characters. Toni Collette is exceptional in playing out the parts of Tara's different personalities.

  2. Wentworth

    A gritty prison drama that centers around Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack), who is being charged with the attempted murder of her husband and is sent to prison. While in prison, Bea struggles to learn the innerworkings of her new environment, making a few enemies along the way. This series has gritty, emotional writing, and a fantastic supporting cast, and a fair bit of humor. The plot draws you in, and is often times heavy(in a good way). Beware, there is a fair bit of nudity, however.

  3. Weeds

    Suburban housewife Nancy Botwin struggles to support her children(Silas and Shane) after the untimely death of her beloved husband Juda. In order to maintain the lifestyle that her family is used to, Nancy turns to the Marijuana business, and her family becomes increasingly more entangled in illicit activities. Mary Louise Parker(along with the whole cast) is fantastic in this show. The plot is fresh, emotional, and sometimes downright hilarious. If you're looking for a well-rounded, easy to watch show, this is it! I have to make another nudity warning for this one as well.

  4. Orange Is The New Black

    Another prison drama/comedy by the creator of Weeds(Jenji Kohan) based roughly on the memoir, Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women's Prison. This series closely follows the life of Piper Chapman after being sentenced to 15 months in a women's prison for a crime that she was charges with several years prior; laundering money for her lesbian lover, Alex Vause, a drug smuggler. The show pictures her struggle to adapt to prison life, and her conflicts and relationships with her fellow inmates, including her ex lover, Alex, who is assigned to the same prison. This show has a wonderful ensemble, that I dare say, outshine their leading counterpart. The character development is phenomenal, and you really get to know all of the women portrayed in the series intimately. This is another easy to watch show, with a fair bit of nudity. 

  5. Madmen

    Madmen follows the life of 50's NYC Ad man, Don Draper and all of his philandering escapades, as well as the intimate innerworkings of his workplace and the lives of his coworkers as his dark, personal secrets start to unravel. This series is full of drama, and has very realistic and relatable characters. Additionally, it has an expansive and insanely talented supporting cast. Madmen is truly a masterful television show, with outstanding production quality, actors, and story. Best of all, it runs in time frame with real world events. Although it can sometimes be a dry show, it is definitely worth watching.

  6. Eureka!

    This SciFi/Comedy/Drama follows Sheriff Jack Carter as he is assigned to work in a new town. When he arrives he discovers his new home is actually a government sanctioned town with all of the country's most brilliant minds within; developing futuristic and top secret technology for the DOD. This series has a wonderful ensemble of quirky, lovable characters that make it easy to watch. The plots are typically not static, but despite this, it is still a wonderful show with all kinds of whimsical content.

  7. Torchwood

    This Doctor Who spinoff is a SciFi that follows a group of ragtag government elites who hunt for alien technology and life on planet Earth with the ultimate goal of using their collected data and tools to defend their home planet should hostile alien invasion occur. This show has a quirky cast, and wonderfully original and sometimes heartbreaking storylines. It can be a bit slapstick and cheesy(although intentionally) at times and doesn't have a strong main story line, but is still a great watch none the less! 

  8. Skins(UK)

    A series that centers on the intense lives of a group of British teens entering their last two years of school. This series changes cast every two years, and there are 3 different generations of actors to the show. I would recommend the first cast the most. The story is a drama-filled, realistic, hilarious, and melancholy depiction of the life of British Teens. The acting is of excellent caliber, particularly considering the age of most of the cast. If you're a fan of Teen Drama, you'll love this show.

  9. Parks and Recreation

    This mockumentary(similar to The Office and 30 Rock) comedy follows Leslie Knope, an ambitious, quirky, mid-level bureaucrat in the parks department of Pawnee, Indiana as she tries to better her community and climb the ranks of her local government. The show has a quirky, offbeat sense of humor. Every character on this show is so perfectly written, there are very few that you will not love. The plot is simple and flows easily, making it perfect for binge viewing. 

  10. Trailer Park Boys

    This irreverent mockumentary style comedy is based in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park. The series follows the always illicit escapades of the Trailer park natives Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, in their never ending quest to pull off their last big job before retiring. This show may not be in everybody's tastes, but the writing and delivery is GOLD. The actors in this comedy nail their hilariously ridiculous personas and bring them to life. Overall the humor is a bit raunchy but doesn't go over the top. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has a good sense of humor.

When it comes down to the wire, United States of Tara is my number one pick because not only is it refreshingly original and quirky, it has anything you could ever ask for from a show...except maybe a little action! Happy binge-watching!