Top 11 Original Wii Games Available

Published: December 11, 2014

Everyone is always looking for fun games out there and many are tired of wasting money on games that only got played by their kids for a couple days because they didn't like them.  Here is a list that will help you find some games they will enjoy.

  1. Metroid Prime Trilogy

    This is my favorite, its good for many age levels, it has first person controls and makes you use some brain power to explore and solve puzzles. So your brain will be worked while playing this game.

  2. Mario Kart

    Mario Kart is a very close second.  It has been around since Super Nintendo days and this game rocks. My 3 year old even plays it.  If you buy the steering wheel for it the game is even better. This is a must have if you don't already have this game in your collection.  There are many racers to unlock and many extra tracks to unlock so you keep being rewarded while you play, the best part of the game in my opinion is multi player battle mode and with the wii online play is always free.  Another big bonus.

  3. Punch Out

    If you are a fan of boxing, then this game is the right one for you. You will be able to fight like you are the new boxing fighter Little Mac. You trainer, Doc Lewis will also be working with you as you step up to higher level and ranks wherein different boxing attack patterns will try to knock you out. All you need to do is grab your Wii Remote controller and a Nunchuk controller and step in to the ring of virtual boxing.

  4. Guitar Hero: Metallica

    The Guitar Hero: Metallica is the favourite game of Musically-inclined gamers and especially those who are fanatics of the band Metallica. The game has a collection of 28 Metallica songs and 21 songs that influenced the band. The game is actually the same with the previous Guitar Hero World Tour wherein you will be able to play the different types of musical instruments. The game is also designed to have motion capture, so you will be able to see the unique movements of your simulation on screen while playing.

  5. The New Super Mario Brothers

    Well, who doesn’t know the Super Mario game? Super Mario has been in the gaming industry for quite some time now and other just miss playing it. Wii has improved the gaming strategy and the levels making the game even more interesting and challenging. It also offers the multi-player game in which the whole family will enjoy.  After all no Nintendo best of list would ever be complete with Super Mario Brothers, it has been around for decades and is one of the best games ever every time it is created and re-done. 

  6. Tiger Woods 2010

    No one can deny that golf really is a good sport and game for sports enthusiasts. The game will allow you to play just like you are in the real golf course. Feel the tension of playing golf when beating the score of Tiger Woods himself. Hear the applause of the crowd from nearby, and step forward to the next level. Tiger woods may have had some personal issues but this game is the best golf game on the wii in my opinion.

  7. The Beatles Rockband

    Are you a fan of the band The Beatles? Well, you will surely love hearing their music and being a part of it. As the band plays, you can act and play just like you are one of them. The game is compatible with Rock Band, Guitar Hero and almost all other instrument controllers and Sing Sat and Lips which are third party microphones.  

  8. Guitar Hero 5

    For Guitar Hero fanatics, the newer version which is Guitar Hero 5 gives the gamers a wide range of choices of songs. It has also improved its system wherein they changed it for the convenience of the gamers. It also gives you varieties of options for personalizing your character. Moreover, the new version also has the option to customize the set of the band, whether you want two guitars, two drums, or any combination you want to have. You can also download content from Guitar Hero World and there will automatically be an update of the game.  Some of the best games on the WII are always guitar games, of course you will need a guitar but its well worth the cost and you and your kids will enjoy playing them for years.

  9. DJ Hero

    If you are a music lover, this game will also be of interest to you. The makers of Guitar Hero have invented the game for people to experience controlling a real turntable. It will allow you to spin and scratch music and make mixes just like you are in a real club. With the updated songs installed in the game, amateur DJs will really find the game helpful and fun as well.

  10. Little Kings Story

    If you are fond of playing single player simulation Role-Playing games, then Little King’s Story is just right for you. It combines real-time strategy, life simulation, and an exhilarating adventure experience. The title of the game may sound like it is just designed for kids, but the game itself requires brainpower and understanding that teen agers and adults enjoy playing with.

  11. Boom Blox Bash Party

    This game is created not only for little kids but also for the whole family. It is a higher version of the original Boom Blox game and it is focused on the stamina, agility, and skills in problem-solving. You may think that it is just for little kids, but as soon as you get a hold of the Wii controller, you will surely get excited with what the next level may offer.

In conclusion, I really don't think you would ever go wrong by purchasing any of the 11 games on this list.  I thought about just making this a top 10 list but I just couldn't leave out any of these games so it had to be 11.  If you have  a Nintendo Wii and your kids like to play games, here is your shopping list for Christmas and birthdays.  These are games that don't get old very quickly so they will play them for ages and you won't feel like you wasted your money when you bought them.  Lets face it games are so expensive that if you buy one and they only play it for a few days and never put it in again, you paid a lot of money for a babysitter while you were still home watching them.  I hope you find my list helpful in obtaining good games your kids will enjoy for years to come, and happy gaming.