Top 10 Make up Brands.

Published: November 16, 2013

I know alot of women want to know, what are the best makeup brands out on there. So here is a list of the top 10 brands that are my clients and mine favorite. So before you go out and spend a lot of money on product. Not all makeup works the same on everyones skin. Don't be afraid to ask questions when your purchasing make up.

  1. Žômiah Cosmetics



    If you are looking for makeup that’s of good quality and that is long lasting. Then zomiah is for you. Great products and an affordable prices.

  2. M.A.C

    M.A.C. is a brand that is trustworthy. The products are dermatologist tested as well as tested backstage before sold to make sure they really do work. They are non-comodenic, which means they don't have ingredients that are linked to breakouts. For what it is worth, make is worth the price, the make up is long lasting (no touch ups) and a little goes a long way.

  3. Lancome

    Lancome has great skin care products and their color pigment is amazing. The eyeshadows are worth every penny. Their lipstick is natural and  lent free. There foundation is absolutely amazing. A must have.

  4. Clinique

    Clinique products is the only brand that allergy tests all of their products. You can also custom fit your makeup. The makeup is long lasting and not cakey. They also have a great skin product that makes you look younger and gives you a glow.

  5. YSL


    I love YSL lipsticks and concealer pen. Good quality, but abit on the expensive side. The colors are rich in pigment. These lipsticks come in a great variety of colors. They go on very moist, and creamy. The lipsticks really keeps my lips from drying out

  6. Urban decay

    Urban Decay is smooth and easy to apply. The eyeshadwos have good pigmentation. The makeup is a good value, it's long lasting, and versatile. They have numorous palettes for different tastes.

  7. Illamasqua

    Illamasqua foundation is absolutely amazing. You need very little of it to last all day (pea size amount), and the finish is a beautiful semi-matte with a amazing finish in just the right places. The blush is so soft and easy to blend. A little goes a long way! You only ned a dab for each cheek.

  8. Bobbi Brown


    Bobbi Brown has amazing Shimmer bricks, Metalic lipsticks, chrom eyeshadows and gel liners. The make up is  high-quality, natural-looking, and classically beautiful, and it features all sorts of glamorous shimmers too. There's a wide variety of shades and colors of make-up and I've always received compliments.

  9. Nars

    Nars blushes are amazing. They are very pigmented, don't irritate skin, blends well, They have good matte lipsticks, and matte velvet pencils. Well worth the price.

  10. MUFE

    MUFE has great Foundations, matte eyeshadows, and eyeliners. Y It's a high quality blush and there's wide variety of colors to choose from. You're bound to find a shade you'll fall in love with. And I promise you'll love it even more once you wear it because it feels really light and gives you a natural glow. T

If you are looking for overall great makeup trying one of these brands. But remember to ask questions and try on different colors to find one best for you.