The Best Ways to Hide from Drones

Published: December 8, 2014

Drones are everywhere these days and many are on the wrong side of the table. If you are having drones swarming above you razing everything below, then these tips might just save your life. These skills are used around the world to avoid drones and are proven to be very efficient. In many cases the resources needed to fight a drone back most likely won’t be available in times of war so by understanding how to hide might just keep your family alive. Always remember knowledge is power and please share this with those that you love.

  1. Underground

    The earth will cover you better than anything in most cases. Most drones are not equipped to destroy buildings. One can bury a camper, cover it in cement, then regulate ventilation to be released at outside temperature and regulated time release. Drones can sense large amounts of carbon as this is signs of underground bases. 


  2. Decoys

    Drones don’t sleep and keeping them busy might save your life. Decoys will stall a drone’s mission and dry their owner’s wallet. Mannequins filled with hand warmers or heating filaments such as the ones used to heat pipes will trick a drone to bomb a desired location that might need it. Drones now use neural intelligence at times to make bombing decisions so it is not as hard to trick as one might believe. If one can utilize their own heat signature to become a decoy, such as skinning a deer and using its hide to make you appear in the shape of a deer from above.  One can also use dolls, statues and likewise in a fake gathering to perhaps get an enemy building destroyed.  Using a recording of a fake conversation and broadcasting it through a radio channel might also serve as a useful decoy for confusing a drone that operations are in fact taking place in the decoy location.

  3. Canopy

    Using the canopy of a forest is a great way to hide from drones. Trees do release a heat signature which helps hide your heat. It is best to stay in the opposing direction of the drone hiding behind the trunk of a tree. Regardless it is wise to stay out of the light in general. If the light can touch you or go through whatever you are using as cover, most likely the drone can see your signature through it. Water can cover your heat signature as well. Utilize all environmental resources that may cover your signature, such as a cave, fog, or ravine.

  4. Transmission

    Any technology that involves GPS or frequency based communication can reveal your location through the devices frequency transmission and guide a drone to the location of which this frequency is being transmitted from. Devices can be turned off to stop it from being tracked but some devices still will attract attention such as a phone. Sim cards in phone will continue to reveal your GPS location even when turned off. Engines, microwaves, or likewise can emit frequencies that can be detected by drones.  

  5. Reflecting

    One of the techniques for tricking a drone's camera is putting reflective material on the rooftops of houses or cars such as glass or a mirror to reflect sunlight into the drone's camera, making this poster a subsidiary implement to interfere with the drone's sensors. On a more associative level the mirrored material reminds us that drone surveillance is ultimately people visually examining people. In a way we are optically canvassing ourselves through sophisticated mirrors. Put more simply, the drone will see itself rather than you and confuse the neural intelligence within. 

  6. Vehicles

    A vehicle should not be used in the case of drone attacks as they are an easy target. It is recommended to use something simpler such as a dirt bike for transportation. When using a car or larger vehicle, cover the roof of the vehicle in reflectors, and or dense foliage to confuse your shape and heat signature, the more the better. Remember to distract drones to other locations when traveling.


  7. Scramble

    In the last case that you are spotted and death seems imminent, scramble your group sending each person in different directions so that the drone cannot track all members of the party. This is the best way to lose a drone rather than lose everyone.  The easiest way to do this is to tell the group when you yell scramble everyone is to run in the opposite direction than those opposing them. Remember to have a plan for meeting up in these scenarios.


  8. Smoke

    Smoke can work great for turning a bombing site into something too ambiguous to bomb. Tires work great for creating a lot of smoke. Any plastic and or rubber product will work great. A quick way to make more smoke than you will know what to do with is to burn foam cushions such as on a couch. If none of these are available, burning green foliage will produce a lot of smoke if you put it on a hot fire. Remember that the less oxygen a fire has the more it will smoke.

  9. Infrared

    If you want to hide from infrared in style, get creative. You can use plexiglass to hide your heat signature for something such as a window. Aluminum also works well for covering your heat. A good way to use aluminum might be to use strong aluminum foil inside your clothing. Space blankets is a great way to use the resource mylar which is used to trap heat. Judging from infrared cams where people used this it would be wise to layer these materials to be invisible.

  10. Weather

    If you want to travel and it seems impossible then have no fear. A drone cannot function in a storm. If you travel during strong storm activity then there will be no drones to fret about.  Strong winds will interfere with navigation systems. Strong rains and or electrical storms could be deemed dangerous for drone operations. Snow storms should work well in covering your heat.

Being underground has by far proved the best way to avoid drones. In other countries this is what most militants or civilians do. Digging underground tunnels can also prove as great means for travel in dire situations.