Best Prices for Organic and Healthy Groceries

Published: December 7, 2014

This is a list about finding the least expensive healthy, organic groceries (from meats to produce to bulk items) in the Southeast Charlotte area,  Specifically, there are certain days best to shop, subscriptions to email or text alerts for specials, special discounts and loyalty programs.

  1. Earth Fare

    Earth Fare has two locations in Charlotte - SouthPark and Ballantyne. Highlights include stock from local vendors, organic meats and seafood, organic produce, clearly marked items, great weekly and daily specials, bulk bin items. Sign up for email and/or the APP for notification of special buys.  Discount for bringing your own bags, "Wisdom Discount" for senior citizens, Tomato Bank points for making specified purchases.  High quality foods at reasonable prices - especially if you pay attention to the specials. There is a section for body and skin care and the entire store is very health and environment conscious.

  2. The Fresh Market

    The Fresh Market  Two locations - Carmel Commons and SouthPark.  Offers quality and organic produce, meats, seafood while offering specials each week.  Familiarizing yourself with the specials will allow you to purchase quality foods at lower prices.  The website allows for taking advantage of recipes, special offerings for "Little Big Meals" (Little effort for big savings meals).  Sign up for email notifications.  The Fresh Market offers online ordering!  The market offers beautiful fresh flowers and plants in addition to the variety of healthy and specialty foods.

  3. The Whole Foods Market

    Whole Foods Market has one location in Charlotte - Fairview Road at SouthPark.  Large variety of packaged and fresh foods, organic produce and meats.  The Sales Flyer is available at their website - make sure to choose the Charlotte location for local specials.  The "About Our Products" on their web page very well explains their philosophy and standards regarding the food we eat and prepare.  There are budget-wise recipes included as well.

Earth Fare is the one store that has overall value and quality.  Being interactive and an organized shopper, one can save the most and still have excellent quality foods on a daily basis without robbing the bank account.  Most "healthy food" stores are expensive by nature ... but knowing how and when to shop for the best deals can result in healthy eating on a budget!