Best Places to Shop Near Stony Brook University

Published: December 7, 2014

Many students at Stony Brook University simply don't know what the shopping options are in the area. Are you hungry? Do you want food? Clothes? How about a pet?

  1. Walmart

    Walmart is very cheap. It is the cheapest place around. If you want the most bang for your buck possible, this is one of the best places to go. I shop here sometimes because it's so damn cheap. I've gotten boxes of mac and cheese for thirty three cents. I have yet to see food that cheap elsewhere. There's a bus that goes here on Sunday. Do note that Walmart is known for some of the worst labor violations in the entire country but for the price they can't be beat. Sometimes you'll see activist groups protesting the deplorable working conditions converging in front of Walmart to hold 99% off sales for the 99%!

  2. Target

    Target is considered by many to be a more ethical alternative to Walmart. Their prices are still very low and they don't come with all the labor violations of Walmart. You can also take the on-campus Shopping bus on Sunday to come here. They frequently have sales where you can buy products for discount prices. I bought my favorite pair of work pants from Target. If you want cheap clothing that's not from a name-brand store than Target is one of the better places to go. They also sell cheap food, electronics and many other things here. Check it out.

  3. Smith Haven Mall

    What would this list be without the Smith Haven Mall? Possibly the best place to buy clothing in the area. You can take the S60 to get here. There's a great variety of stores inside. The stores here are so varied, and they also have an excellent food court. I really like to go to Delias and Hot Topic and Forever 21. I find that they cater to the student population. Many of ther clothes are quite cheap and affordable to poor college students. They have delicious Chinese American food in the food court as well as pizza and burritos and bubble tea and many other things. I love this mall. You should check it out.

  4. Amazon! Many students choose to rely on the great deals of online shopping at Amazon! If you don't have a car or hate waiting for the bus you can order things from the comfort of your own home. I bought Neu Tab tablet on Amazon for fifty dollars. That price is unbeatable. You will not find that in major retailers. What's more is I got it shipped to my dorm for with 2 day shipping. Online shopping is one of the most convenient ways to purchase things if you live on campus. You can pick up your packages at hte mail room.


  5. University Asian Mart

    The location is very convenient and near the train station. It's a cozy store with a decent variety of groceries. If you want Chinese/Japanese/Korean food and don't have a car, this is the place for you. The frozen dumplings here are excellent! I also like to buy instant curry powder here and soy sauce. Sometimes you can find daifuku mochi in their refrigerator. If you can find it, eat it, because it's amazing. This is also a good place for pocky, instant ramen and other quick tasty treats. As an Asian American I find this very comforting. It reminds me of home.

  6. Whole Foods

    Are you itnerested in a more American grocery store? Check out Whole Foods! They have great prices and a wide variety of foods. This is located by the Smith haven Mall. You can take the S60 to get there. This is one of the most popular grocers in the area. I know many a person shops at Whole Foods. It's quite spacious, in fact one of the largest grocers in the area. If you want fresh fruits and vegetables I think this is perhaps the best place to get them. You can also find lots of other fresh foods in their refrigerated section.

  7. Pet Smart

    This is located right next to Whole Foods. They have a lot of pets here from fishes to dogs to cats to birds to all sorts of things! My friend was simply enamored with the beta fish there. Personally I thought the dogs were adorable. They also have a great selection of cats for any cat lovers out there. You can also find seaweed for you fish tank, as well as chemicals to clean the tank and things that will keep your pet fish healthy. They also sold bamboo. A great piece to add to your pet's cage. They showed in the water tanks. Bamboo can grow in water, so long as you keep the leaves in the air exposed to sunlight. It looks great!

  8. Oriental Groceries

    Possibly the best pan-asian grocery store in all of Stony Brook! They don't look like much but they sure do pack a punch. This is possibly the only place in the area where I could find red bean bread and ogura an. They also have a great selection of curries, ramen, rice, soy sauce, frozen dumplings, frozen shumai, gyoza, mochi, sticky rice, and many other things. I was delighted to see traditional chinese new year cake (nian gao) sold around the holiday season. This is also my favorite place to buy giant sacks of rice. They sell at about $1 per pound. One sack of rice can feed you for months!

  9. 7-Eleven

    Cheap and convenient the Seven Eleven is located nearby the train station. It's very convenient. You can take the railroad or out loop bus to and from the train station. The seven eleven is probably a pit stop for quick grocery shopping. If all you want is some big bottles of soda, beer, maybe a loaf of bread or some pancake mix. The seven eleven is right for you. They're also have miscellanious things like tampons, DVDs, batteries and whatever other miscellanious goods may strike your fancy. I've gone here many a time while waiting for a train to come in. Definitely a must go.

  10. Seawolves Marketplace

    The Seawolves Marketplace is the on campus store. This is differentiated from the bookstore in that it supplies a greater variety of clothing, food, and electronics. They sell instant ramen here for about seventy five cents. You also sell laptops, netbooks, tablets, kindles, nooks, batteries, hair ties, and other miscellanious things. Seawolves Marketplace is a bit more expensive than other vendors in the area but its location is unbeatable. It is hands down the best place to buy things on campus. This is also a great place to buy souvenires for family members who want things bearing the Stony Brook logo.

Which store is best really depends on what you're looking for. I think Target makes a pertty good one stop shop for almost anything that you could desire. Oriental Grocer is the best Asian grocer. Seawolves Marketplace is the best place to buy things on campus.