Top 10 Best Songs of 2014

Published: December 6, 2014

After careful selection, I have chosen the best songs of 2014.  The songs are ordered based on how many times they were played, if they were put on repeat,  how unique and catchy they are, and if they could be choregraphed.  I love to dance and have a dance background, so quite often my favorite songs are those that inspire me to move.

There are many more songs I enjoyed this year, but I have chosen to exclude well-known songs from big names from this list.  I think it is more interesting to discover something new rather than rehash songs everyone already knows.

  1. Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

    Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

    According to my iTunes account, this song was played 281 times, which beats out all the other songs on my list by over 200.  This song did get on repeat as might be guessed by the amount of plays.

    The song itself could easily go with choreography and I love the natural sound and uplifting message.  I find the beat and vocals together to be infectious; hence, it has the top position.

  2. Prague by White Sea

    Prague by White Sea

    This song has fewer plays, mostly because I discovered it recently; it has made the "on repeat" list.

    "Prague" earns itself the #2 position because of its dark and serious tone.  I can imagine a contemporary dance for this song because of its interesting flow and intensity.


  3. Till It's Gone by Yelawolf

    Till It's Gone by Yelawolf

    This song takes the number 3 position because of the intense vocals and simple, but engaging guitar background.  I love the minimal acoustic feel of the sound.

    "Till It's Gone" could be interpreted by dance quite artistically in my opinion.  The intensity and delicacy of the sound could lend itself to a contemporary routine.

    Being a relatively new addition to my playlist, they number of plays aren't indicative of how fabulous this song is.  I find it to be very unique, which is part of why it is ranked so high on the list.

In conclusion, there have been many precious gems in music for the year 2014.  I dare say it is one of the best years for music in recent memory.  The songs for this year are more edgy and artsy than any I have had before and it makes me happy and hopeful that this kind of music is being made.