The Best Superhero Movies

Published: December 4, 2014

this list will tell you which movies of the superhero genre are the best to see.

  1. Man of Steel

    this movie was my number one for several reasons. it showed supermans origin in an original way on the movie screen. It is the start of the DCU. This movie showed what it would actually be like if Superman actually existed and showed the problems he would have to face. this was truly the best origin story of a hero.

  2. Batman Begins

    This movie was second only because this Batman was not part of the DCU. DCU is the DC universe where all superheros live and fight. if this batman had been part of the DCU it would be number one. this showed the origin of batman. 

  3. The Dark Knight Rises

    Thia was the next movie in the Batman trilogy. this was also a good movie and showed more of what Batman truly is.

The Man of Steel will always be number one on this list so far. until they reboot Batman into the DCU he will be second fiddle to Superman. there will of course be more added to this list as these movies come out.