The best dog breeds for families

Published: December 3, 2014


Most everyone loves pets! The problem with getting a new pet always seems to be picking the best breed for your family. I will be making a list of the best dog breeds for families using the main characteristics of the breed. Most of these breeds can be found for adoption at shelters and/or rescues, helping to give a homeless pet a home. Some of the ones found at shelters may be mixed breeds, but in many cases the best characteristics of both breeds shine in a mixed breed!




  1. Golden Retriever

    Golden retrievers are a great family dog. They are very smart and take to training well. They are medium to large sized dog, so sturdy enough to be around young children without the injury risk of a small dog. They do need space to go outside and get exercise and run off some energy. They also need some training and attention in order to keep their manners in check. Like many dogs, without some training and attention, they may get over energetic and high strung. If you have the time and space for this dog, it would be a great choice for a family with children!



I have had many of the dog breeds I have placed on this list.  It is due to my experience with the breeds I have put them here.  Not every breed I have owned did make this list.  Some breeds are just better with families and easier to care for than others.  When choosing a breed I suggest a lot of research.  If I was looking for a pet right now, I would have to highly consider the Beagle and the Australian Shepard. The size of the Beagle makes it perfect even in small homes and it's sweet temperament can't be beat! The Australian Shepard with it's need to please it's people and loyalty also makes it a home run. I would be happy to have any of these breeds, but because you can only have so many pets at a time, those two would be at the top of my want list. The Labrador retriever has long held the title of “America's Most Popular Breed”, and I can't argue they are great dogs, but there are so many others that are equally awesome!