Cleveland's Best Kept Secrets

Published: December 1, 2014

Growing up in the same place and constantly seeing the same things can get old. Which led me to explore the city and find unique and unknown secrets to keep us entertained and out of trouble. Check out some of my favorites below!

  1. Little Italy

    I've always wanted to eat my way through Italy - the country that is - but Cleveland has something better in it's own backyard. This charming neighborhood has everything Italy, from pizza, cassada cakes and canoli to galleries and boutiques. Spend a day 'traveling' and indulging yourself in Cleveland's own Little Italy.

  2. The Big Egg

    Re-opened in 2009, this is the perfect place for insomniacs or anyone craving delicious and inexpensive breakfast food. While they do serve other delicious meals, their forte is breakfast, served all day long (why shouldn't they - it's the most important meal). Your meals come with the best service and the Big Egg provides a variety of options on their egg-shaped menus. 

  3. Coventry Village

    This beautiful corner of Cleveland comes with a lot of history and fun things to entertain yourself. Spend the day wandering through, visit the old movie theater. Get nostalgic with a warehouse of collectible toys and culture at Big Fun Toy Store. Then head next door for the BEST Banana Milkshake at Tommy's or down to the corner for an amazing sub at Grum's Sub Shoppe.

  4. Cleveland Library

    I know you're probably thinking, a library?? But hear me out. Head to the original building of Cleveland's Library and meander on over to the Special Collections section. This section of the library looks more like a museum and yuo can get into a large collection of artifacts here.  There are original printings of historical documents, a large collection of chess sets, Babylon Dice, the world's smallest books and more. Even if you're not into museums, you'll still find yourself consumed here for hours.

  5. Playhouse Square

    I don't recommend this for the shows (while they are oustanding) but for the backstage tours. The first weekend of most months, the theater offers free backstage tours where you can catch a glimpse on what's really behind the scenes and learn the history. Come here to see the massive murals in the lobby, the "daylight atmospheric" side boxes, and 7 floors of dressing rooms. Tours usually run about 90 minutes.

  6. Tremont

    Here you can find boutiques, bistros, amazing cupcakes, the best build-your-own tacos, the Christmas Story house - yes, the one from the movie, more churches than any other part of the city and a ton of historical architecture to gaze upon.

  7. Beer

    Pretty self-explanatory but Cleveland is the home to many breweries and pubs including Great Lakes Brewery and Fat Head's Brewery. Join in the celebration as Great Lakes taps the first keg of Christmas Ale to kick off the holiday season or find something unique and different at Fat Head's. They offer Bumbleberry Beer (blueberry beer with berries at the bottom) or Zeus Juice, a combination of banana and bubble gum flavors at a powerful 12% alcohol tastes like a fine wine more than beer. Fat Head's also offers amazing "Headwiches", sandwiches the size of your head.

  8. Mills Creek Waterfall

    At an outstanding 48 feet high, this waterfall in the heart of Slavic Village stands to be the tallest in the county. Not only a beautiful sight to see but something that also holds history dating back to the 1800s.

  9. Cleveland's West Side Market

    This market dates all the way back to 1840 and is Cleveland's oldest publicly owned market. With over 100 vendors from all ethnicities, there's bound to be something you'll love here. Come find a variety of food and eat under the landmark 137 foot-tall clock tower.

  10. Beachland Ballroom

    Amazing food. Amazing music. Enough said. Unique and talented bands and artists come here to playand some of the best food to enjoy while listening to the music. They also host special events such as the Rock N' Roll Holiday Flea Market

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Despite whatever negative press might be out there about Cleveland, or any city for that matter, there is always history to explore and hidden gems to be found in any place.