Best Fish Stores in Minnesota

Published: December 1, 2014

If you want to take a look at the best locally owned fish stores in the state of Minnesota, this is a must read! I've spent many years visiting all of these stores.

  1. Forest Lake Pets

    Forest Lake Pets sounds like your average small pet store, and it may aprear that way from the outside, but once you get in and see the back of the store you will be amazed! This store offers many types of rare fish that you wont find anywhere else in the state. They also offer a large variety of fish, in a wholesale style environment. 

    Now don't get me wrong, this place has amazing live stock, but don't get turned away by the appearance of the store. It isn't the most polished store, but its the quality that counts here!

  2. A World of Fish

    Legendary store of the state. Rumor has it that a old wholesaler who imported fish from around the world was located right near the airport and they would get the best of the best of fish. Many local stores popped up around here and they became known for having the best fish in town because they could go to this wholesaler and hand pick the best fish. This store is one of the few old style stores left, but they know their stuff and they have the connections to get what you need. This store is located in Richfield, MN.

  3. Saltwater Empire

    Saltwater empire offers, as you could guess by the name, only saltwater fish. This makes it their specialty and by that they do a great job. Always having the best assortment of not only fish, but also corals and inverts. If you want to go to a “new-age” reef store, this is it! Pricing and assortment is great! Very clean and nicely set-up store. The owner isn’t afraid to make you a friend either, which is always a nice plus. This store is located in Bloomington, MN


  4. Pet Expo

    When you walk in the store you will be impressed by the pure size of the store. Now most stores that operate at this size don’t do well with specialty items. And as we all know, aquatics is defiantly a specialty item! The thing that makes this store different is the General Manager. He has a true passion for animals of all shapes and sizes, and works really hard to make sure his store has the best quality animals as well as the best assortment. They are priced very competitive, and having a store of this size gives you a good variety. This store is located in Mankato, MN


  5. Fish and Pet Rochester

    If you make you way over to Rochester, MN you can find Fish and Pet there. A family owned pet store. They have a great supply of fish and also supplies. The owners love the industry and are great people to work with. Being in the same town where the Glo-Fish come from, you can expect to see a lot of supplies and also the newest Glo-Fish on the market. This store is located in Rochester, MN.


  6. A Wet Pet

    This store has been around for some time, and that is for a reason. They know what they are doing. This store wont just sell you something to take your money, they sell it to you because they believe it will really make you more successful at fish keeping. This store has the same owner as it did when it opened. They offer great deals on tanks and supplies. This store is located in Apply Valley, MN.


  7. Fish Guy and Pet Supply

    Being in the trade for less than a decade, this store has got it down. They have transformed from a very small store, to a full line retail pet store! They haven’t lost their touch though in aquatics, if anything only expanded. A nice clean store, with friendly staff and also a great aquarium maintenance service. The owner does an great job at hand picking and ordering the best live stock and new supplies. Stop in and check out this store! Fish Guy is located in the quaint town of Tonka Bay in Minnesota. 

All of these stores are worth checking out! The are not listed in order 1 being the best. Everyone has differernt needs, but even being a reef geek, you should still take some time to check out the freshwater stores! Happy Fish Keeping!