Alabama best Landscapes

Published: November 28, 2014

Have you ever heard the saying..

"To be happy for a hour get drunk.

To be happy for a day kill your pig and eat it.

To be happy for a week get married.

To be happy for a lifetime plant a garden."


   I adore this quote; it is si funny and partially true. If you think about it when you were younger maybe knee high or so, you would help your grandparents or parents out in the front/back yard planting all types of trees, flowers, vegetables, and even bushes all summer and spring. Due to the fact, they were getting ready for a special event that was happening at their location maybe a (birthday party, anniversary, or even a family reunion). So when people came over to your grandparents or parentd home they would enjoy that special satisfaction when company or relatives would come and say "your lawn looks amazing, your garden looks absolutley beautifu;p wish mines would look even close to yours." do you remember those times when you were younger? I actually forgot about it unti; I saw these amazing landscapes that the talented artist  put toget in the good state of ALABAMA!


    My all time favorite landscape is by this company called Southern Homes and Gardens Landscaping. They are phenomenal company all their work is done with passion and care. Their the type of company that has the attitude of you want it they can do it. This company is so very talented I could not just pick one of their landscapes to show. Although, this first image is just a water fountain position in the backyard. It sybolizes a lot because water itself is an emotion. Have you ever realized if you are upset,deep into thought,stressful,confused, oryou feel like enough is enough. Whem you take a walk on the beach, when your lookingat the rain come down your on your window, or even looking at the river flow by while your on the mountains. You feel so relaxed and calms if your at peace with the world.That is exactly what these landscapers captured in this photo.It is so adorable.

  2. Father Nature Landscapes

    The second company that has an amazing structure will be Father Nature Landscapes. They are based from the state capital of Alabama. I am not positive if everyone loves stone but the majority of the population loves stone in this world do. I am one of the ones that fall deeply in love with stone maye because it reminds me of the medieval times. I love that era because I am team knight and shining armor. This specific art is out of this world! You have a centered stone fire pit along with a bar under a wooden hut. You will be envied by others because it is so amazing

  3. Smile Montgomery County Landscaping

    The truth was spoken when the quote goes "heaven is not merely over our heads but under our feet" it is by Thoreau. Smile Landscaping of Montgomery County made this quote realistic they are one the best you can ever hire. Not only is the art fantastic but the PRICE is so reasonable. They will have you paying for the neighbor's lawn just to keep up with yours. I highly doubt you will do just that but that is how great Smile Landscaping is.

  4. 4 Seasons Irrigation and Landscape

    Stone fire pit absolutly stunning. It is a nice, warming, and welcoming. It is a paradise in the backyard. This company 4 Seasons Irrigation and Landscaping is another all time favorite for Alabama when comes to Landscaping and Irrigation.

  5. Keith Landscaping

    My grandmother use to say too much of anything is bad. Too much make up on a female reminds you of Halloween, too much cologne on a man makes you choke and have a headache. Sometimes it just takes a little to be extremely lovely. That is the reason why Keith's landscaping is somewhat a different company because they realize what grandma said was honest.

  6. Greenco Inc.

    I advised you go to the siteyou will be breathless there is so much attractive talent that the designers portray that takes the stress from you as soon as, you glance at the art on the lawns or even patio. I will be frank If you are not a typical " nature loving" person you will be once you see Greenco designs.

  7. Gibson Landscape

    Alabama the state tself has always had handsome features when it comes to decorations. Gibson Landscape keeps that statement true they tend to stick to retro look. I choose this piece to demonstrate how the classics can be classy. Gibson Landscapes designers have a great creative excellencedue to the fact they do not move so fast forward towads the future because they do not want to for about all the beauty in the past.

  8. Superiorscape Inc.

    This company has been in business for 30 years and I can see why. Their reasonable,friendly and their work makes you want to run and tell it on the mountain.

  9. Green Landscaping and Maintenance

    Who says art has to be serious? I love this piece, you can take your time, and walk through your yard as if you are on a a vacation from home and that is why Green Landscape and Maintenance is on this list. Also, their designs are for the entire family.

  10. Sexton lawn and Landscape Inc.

    " The kisses of the sun for pardon

    The song of the bird for mirth

    One is nearer to God ina garden

    Than anywhere else on Earth."

    The sexton Lawn and Landscape company has a vision of peace and serenity. Taking a look at their site and actually seeing their landscaping talent up close and personal it truly is a breath of fresh air.

I just shared with you the top 10 most beautiful landscapes and the I love so much that I can not wait until I get my lanscaper out here that will be pic #3 by Father Nature Landscaping. Whats yours?