The Best Video Game Franchises

Published: November 28, 2014

Sice the Ataris in the arcade, video games have captured our imaginations, and our hearts. Many great minds have put their worlds into our hands to experience the way a interactive video game lets you do. So lets tip our hats to some of the greatest of all time.

  1. Mario

    Nintendos Shigeru Miyamoto struck pure gold with everyones favorite plumber Super Mario. Mario first appeared in the 1981 classic "Donkey Kong" formerly reffered to as "jump man". The Super Mario franchise is arguably the greatest platform game series of all time. But it didn' top there as our loveable mustached friend broke off into a genre of his own. The franchise includes platform,racing, RPG, party, and puzzle. Not to mention his animated Telivision series or the comic books, manga, and merchandise (like my mario pjs). Mario has left an irreversable imprint on society and we can only feel hope when we hink of how he willcontinue to do so in the future.


  2. Grand Theft Auto

    In todays society we ae governed by a list of laws and morals ha upholds society and makes everything wok. But lets imagine or a momen that you could steal a car or run from the cops with absolutley no consequence. Well David Jones's Grand Theft Auto gave us that oppurtunity. While the many like to simpy "free play" which is characterized as simply exploring, stealing a car, maybe having a shootout with the police. GTA has featured some of the most compelling and comprehensive story lines I have ever experienced in a video game. The series continues to grow more complex with each release giving you a more free and realistic experience as a consumer. GTA grants us to do horrible things and have no consequence once we hit the power utton and for that reason this franchise will continue to grow and prosper. 

  3. The Sims

    Real life is overrated. Imagine if you had the ability to look how you want, and do what you want. Will Wrights "The Sims" is a must have for any simulaion gamer. This game gives you the ability to etyour deam job, have kids, a perfect relaionship, a fancy car, and the hot body you've always waned. Basically its he game of life, times 1000. I have known people to spend hundreds of dollars on expansions and spend countless hours living out there sims life. The game offers you the ability to escape from a lie that is all but predictable, into a life where you can decide what happens and when it happens and will leae you feeling very satisfied.

While there ae many sucessul franchises these three have topped my chart because of their brilliant concepts, gripping stories, the affect they have had on society and the fact that each of these games has an enourmous replay value. At any given moment I can pull out the old SNES and put in Super Mario World and it holds the same amount o enjoyment as if I were playing it for the first time. That is what makes a good game great.