My Go-To Best Afternoon Snacks for Toddlers

Published: November 26, 2014

Any parent of a toddler knows that one day your toddlers favorit snack may be a no-no the very next day. To make it easier to select new and fun snacks for your child I am providing a Best Of list of fun, go-to, easy snack ideas that can be made with simple ingredients. This was you are not feeding your child cookies or chips when you are only up to about 5 minutes worth of work for their snack.


    This idea is as easy as it sounds. My kid loves to help me make these and all you need is a few slices of bread, sauce or sliced tomatoes and cheese. Obviously you put the tomatoes or the sauce on one side of the bread and then some cheese on top. I make mine in a toaster oven but you can also make it in a regular oven.

  2. Toasted PB & Jelly

    My 3 year old used to be a PB&J fanatic. It was the easiest little snack to give him. But recently he has decided that it is not good enough for him. Today I tried it a little bit different. I toasted the bread in my toaster and put the Peanut Butter and Jelly on that. The crunchyness got him and he finished the whole thing. 

  3. Celery and Peanut Butter

    I will be honest. My child does not eat celery. But since some children do and it is super easy to put some peanut butter on a stalk of celery, it has made my Best Of list of easy toddler snacks.

  4. Apples with Chocolate Yogurt Dip

    What child would not jump at the chance to eat a chocolaty snack! For this simple snack you just cut up an apple. Get a little container of greek yogurt and mix in chocolate powder. I use Ovaltine powder because it makes me feel like its healthier but I am not really sure. 

  5. Breakfast Cookies

    I just discovered these for my little one. They are so easy and I give them to him anytime, not just breakfast. You just take 3 packs of instant oatmeal (I used strawberry) and mix it up with 2 very ripe bananas. Bake in a preheated 350F oven for 13 - 15 minutes and they are ready to go. They are a great thing to have all ready made.

  6. Cheese/Pretzel/Anything you want Grazing Platter

    Sometimes toddler do not want to sit and eat a snack. Duh!. So for those restless days and some days in between I will just whip up a "gormet cheese sampling platter" aka whatever finger snacks I have in a container with several seperate compartments. Some examples can be cheese, grapes, goldfish and raisins.

  7. Candy Cone

    If my toddler is due for a sweet treat I go with a Candy Cone because, well icecream is messy. Simply put some sweet treats, like m&ms in a small cone and your child will love the easy to handle snack. 

  8. Apple and Peanut Butter Sandwiches

    My toddler is not super into this snack but my friend gives these to her kids at least every other day. You will core the apple and slice it into 1/4 inch slices. Put the peanut butter on one side and add anything you would like (like raisins) and put another on top. Super easy and some kids love them.


    If you are lucky enough, like me, to have a child who likes hummus you are in luck. If you don't think your kid would like it, try to give them some, you may be pleasantly suprised. I usually just take out the whole container and tear up some tortillas and let my 3 yr old go at it. 

  10. Pre-cooked Pancakes

    So every Monday morning I cook at least 30 pancakes. I try to mix it up with different things like berries or buckwheat pancakes. I just put 5 in each ziplock bag then put 3 bags in the fridge and 2 in the freezer. Through out the week, when I am feeling tired or not in the mood to make anything. I just grab an unfrozen bag and heat the pancakes up in the microwave for 10 seconds. Depending on the pancakes I will give syrup on the side and let my toddler snack on them. 

Out of my Best Of list of easy toddler snacks, my absolute favorite is the hummus. It is selfish because I love hummus and it is the easiest of all the options to prepare but it is in fact the Best Of my Best Of in my opinion. Keeps these ideas in mind or print this page so that you can take advantage of these hassel free afternoon snacks on days where preparing anything else sounds like running a marathon.