Best websites for cooking inspiration!

Published: November 23, 2014

Love to cook?  Yeah, me too!  Feel uninspired to go beyond mac & cheese?  Well, that seems to be a dilemma we all have from time to time. If getting out a cookbook just doesn't seem to provide the inspiration you need to create a tasty creative dinner (or lunch or breakfast!) drastic measures are needed!   When the "blahs" hit me, I run for the computer and visit these cooking websites.  Guaranteed to inspire you to cook--and make your mouth water!

  1. Yummly

    Never heard of it?  Well you should!  Yummly is one of my go to websites for finding that something new to add to my menu.  You can search recipes, plan for special dietary needs, create your own collections, post to facebook, add recipes-well, you get the picture--it is inspiring enough to get me cooking!

  2. foodgawker

    Foodgawker is where I go when I feel more in the mood for something really different.  With more artisan and gourmet selections, there are thousands of choices of tasty foods!  The search can even enable you to narrow down to very specific categories of what you are looking for, be it hummus with roasted tomatoes or recipes that include beans and carrots.  Guaranteed, you won't come away from this website not wanting to try your hand at some creative cooking.

  3. Pinterest


    Pinterest, now I'm pretty sure most everybody has heard of this website, but if you hadn't-run--NOW to your computer to check it out.  Pinterest has a food & drink category that is continually changing, so I never get tired of checking out what's new.  For pure inspiration and making you just plain hungry, this is the place to go.  When you find a recipe you like you can immortalize it forever by pinning it on your own Pinterest board.  For sharing, it's easy enough to post to facebook or share with your followers on the website.

  4. allrecipes

    Mmmmm....another great place to find out what to make for dinner.  allrecipes makes it easy to create your own "recipe box" of your favorites.  This website is best for finding that yummy dish you remember having as a kid but can't find a recipe for.  Full of hints, tips and cooking wonders galore, you can search for about anything you can think of, or just stroll through the mouth watering photos of dozens of dishes.

No matter your tastes, be it vegetarian, gluten free, or downhome style, these recipe and cooking websites will help you find the inspiration you need to get cooking!