Best Gyros This Side of the OBX

Published: November 22, 2014

For those of you who have had the pleasure of enjoying a mouth-watering gyro or gyro dish, you are aware that although they are delicious and satisfying, it can be like finding a needle in a hay stack when traveling. A lot of tourists travel to the OBX for the beautiful scenery, serene beaches, and exquisite beach rentals. There are plenty of Surf n Turf spots to satisy that itch, but what happens when you crave something a little less repetitive and a lot more Greek?

Well, luckily my husband and I are big fans of the gyro and often have cravings for them, so we have done our research! We like to know where to go no matter where our travels may take us so that when we can't seem to shake the craving for the taste of a gyro or gyro dish, we can indulge ourselves at one of our favorite locations. As I know that there must be others like us out there traveling to the OBX, I decided to compose this list as a guide to finding the best gyro this side of the OBX.

  1. Istanbul Gyro & Kabobs

    This is an authentic, cozy restaurant located near the Scope in Norfolk, VA. Their gyro and gyro platter are by far the best that we have had the privelege of enjoying. What makes this place even more interesting is that they hand carve the meat right in front of you. It sits, slowly roasting to perfection, moving in slow, continuous circles which is tantalizing to the taste buds and a sight to see! Roughly one and a half hours from the OBX, it is a perfect place to stop while traveling into or out of the pristine banks of North Carolina's most beautiful stretches of island. So although it is not located at the OBX, it is an experience worth trying as it is not far to go to enjoy their amazing Greek Gyros and friendly, authentic setting.

  2. Barefoot Bernies

    I have to say that it was hard deciding whether or not to make this restaurant the first on my list. It is my favorite restaurant, but the second best Gyro, which swayed me to choose the authentic setting as number one. Located at the 4.5 MP, the gyro here is by far the best on the beach and the best I have ever had. The best dish is the Gyro Nachos, which I find myself craving regularly! My first experience there was unforgettable and I will stop in with any given chance to do so. The atmosphere is very tropical, laid back, the menu is amazing, service is fantastic, and the drinks are refreshing and reasonably priced. I would have to say that this place could be the Greek's biggest competitor!

  3. Big Daddy's Pizza

    Just under an hour away from the OBX sits this cozy but spacious Italian Ristorante with a casual settingand they have an excellent gyro and gyro platter. The platter is by far the best in my opinion with a plentiful portion of lamb, lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, whole olives, and tzatziki sauce, it is unforgettable. I go each time that I am in Elizabeth City and I am already looking forward to my next trip.

  4. Stack em' High Pancakes

    This unique, charming restaurant located at MP 4.5 at the OBX is a great dining experience for the whole family and they serve a gyro omelet! Yes, a gyro omelet! So all of you gyro lovers out there like me, prepare your mouth for something new and amazing. If you are visiting the OBX and want some breakfast, this is the place to go.

  5. The Circle Restaurant

    This quiet, southern restaurant serves a pretty good gyro wrap too. With the usual lettuce, tomato, red onion, and tzatziki sauce. The service is okay and the atmosphere used to be better but if you have a gyro tooth to satisfy it will do. This restraurant has other good dishes as well but the owner's have changed hand a few times so it always takes a little while for them to get back on track. The Circle is located under an hour from the OBX in Elizabeth City, NC.

  6. Van's Pizza House

    This family owned restaurant is comfortable and friendly. They have a good gyro wrap on the menu but they don't have any other gyro selections. A Gyro Greek Pizza would be amazing and theirs would be the best if they'd be so bold as to make it. I do recommend stopping in for a bite if you are in or near Elizabeth City while visting the OBX.

  7. Andy's Pancake and Steakhouse

    Also located in Elizabeth City; just under an hour from Kitty Hawk, NC., this quaint, family-owned restaurant serves a gyro wrap that my husband just loves. I love it too but wish that they had some platters or other gyro dishes to choose from. I recommend this place if you are passing through or taking a rest in the area on the way to or from the OBX.

  8. Tomato Patch

    This family style pizzeria is a great experience to have while at the OBX. It is located in Corolla, which is also a beautiful part of the Outer Banks, perhaps my favorite. If you frequent the OBX and have yet to visit Corolla you simply must go! Their gyros are great and they have excellent Greek Pizza, I will definately be stopping in the next time I go to Corolla.

  9. Sal's Famous New York Pizza

    This pizzeria is located in Norfolk, VA so it is only about an hour and a half from the OBX but could easily be a stop along the way or on the way home. Honestly speaking I have not personally had the pleasure of dining at this restaurant yet, but I certainly plan to. I have heard positive things about this place and it has great reviews. I only just discovered that they serve gyros here so if I go before you do I will post an update!

  10. Famous Subs

    Located in Edenton, NC only forty-five minutes from the OBX, this small sandwich and chicken stop certainly lives up to the name Famous Subs, as they are delicious. The gyro is good but it could certainly use more meat. Otherwise, you can even get feta on the side and they are very generous with that and the tzatziki sauce as well. It is a good sandwich and I would consider getting another gyro if I visited this place again in the future.

I hope that this best of list has been helpful. I know that when we first started going to the OBX it was difficult to find a place to get a gyro so we did our research and tested the places we heard of. Barefoot Bernies, even though it is number two on my list, is by far my favorite place to eat and it is a fun, family environment. The gyro nachos, which I failed to mention have fried pita chips, gyro meat, lettuce, green onion, diced tomato, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce drizzled on top, and it is a delicacy that you will forget.

I hope to be posting more Best Ofs in the future!

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