The Best Housecleaners in Erie, PA

Published: November 21, 2014

A clean home is a happy home. A cleaning lady is a happy lady! Well, maybe not always, but a job well done always brings a skip in the step of these best housecleaners in Erie, PA where it snows 13 months out of the year. All that snow and mud requires that everyone's floors could use a good scrubbing. Live in the area? Here's who to find.

  1. Dust Bunnies of Erie

    When I drop my keys in the living room and somehow end up finding them under the nightstand in the bedroom, I used to need 3 allergy pills just to stop the burning. I found my keys, sure, but I shouldn't be driving with eyes THAT watery! Well this problem doesn't get me all itchy anymore thanks to Dust Bunnies of Erie. These pros really picked a name for themselves and boy oh boy is it ever an accurate one. I bet once they start hiring more staff, they'll hunt every last dust bunny in the city to extinction!

  2. Erie House Cleaning Service

    So, I've never actually used these guys, but their website says customer service is their first priority. I have to assume that means the legal stuff takes a back seat to this team, so they're the ones you'll want to call with those really "messy" jobs for a detailed house cleaner to get down and dirty on. It is always customary to tip workers in the service industry, but you may need to be a little more generous than normal since you'll probably want to keep these pros quiet.

  3. Affordable Quality Cleaning Service

    So you just made rent, managed to get the cat a box of litter (he's been giving you the look for days now) and you have just enough left to buy dinner for that attractive person you still can't believe agreed to date you. But wait! Your apartment is a disaster! Fluffy hasn't had litter since Monday, remember? Before you start to panic, check that wallet again my friend, because you actually have enough money to have the pros come make your place look like humans can live in it. You'll even have money left over for dinner, assuming that special someone likes a homemade Italian dinner. Get your place cleaned and do it affordably. It's right there in the name!

  4. Sparkle Cleaning

    Okay, this list is cleary backwards and should be counting down to the best cleaning service in Erie, but I'm not great with numbers (ask any of my math teachers) and so I'm not saying that Sparkle Cleaning is the 4th best service on this list. I'm saying it's just not the tenth best. These guys deserve a chance so throw them some business. The poor guys don't even have a website up, but that's okay. All they need is a mop and a bucket and your address. Maybe a little advertising help too.

  5. Henderson's Cleaning Service

    These guys are on Wayne Street, and if you know Erie, you know Wayne Street is in the more, lets say excitable, side of town. So maybe it's not in the best neighborhood, but you know what? That just means these guys have cleaned up after messes that some of the other companies on this list can't even imagine. I don't think the county coroner has to clean up the quadruple homicide scene after he takes the pictures he needs. Who do you think he's going to call? He better call Henderson's. If you want a street smart cleaner finding all the cheeseburger wrappers you hid from yourself and forgot about because 16 hours of World of Warcraft makes you do stupid things, then these are the guys for you.

  6. French Maids

    Okay guys, when I sat down to write this list, I swear I didn't know there was really this many house cleaning services in Erie. I REALLY didn't know we had our own French Maids. I'm noticing some crumbs on the desk right now and think I may have to call and get a quote. After browsing the website, I didn't notice any mention of these girls wearing the actual uniform to clean your living room, but I'm not opposed to requesting the Original Package when I call.

  7. Sunshine Cleaning and Janitorial Service

    I was once like you, dear reader. I spent all my time online, readjusting my lumbar support pillow when too many cheeseburger wrappers got stuffed behind it. Searching for hours on eBay and Amazon for a novely crazy straw that would let me hydrate from the four bottles of Dr Pepper I kept next to me. I too would sometimes glance towards the window and wonder what daylight might look like if my portal to viewing the outside world wasn't caked in filth. I'm here to tell you, dear reader, that you can overcome these lazy and life-threatening habits just as I have done! Your first step is to call Sunshine Cleaning and have them scrape the years of hermetic nerddom off those windows. Once daylight could pour into my home again, I realized that every pair of eyes looking in was judging me and so I took up wind-surfing. My life has never been better, and it's all thanks to Sunshine Cleaning. Hire them.

    Oh, and check out that van!

  8. Craigslist

    Okay, technically no, this isn't a cleaning service, but in the search FOR cleaning services, I've found a plethora of offers from Craig's List to either post your service or browse to find one, and I've decided that a marketplace full of locals who want nothing more than to go through your private living quarters and bear witness to the filth you leave in your wake, all for $10 or less an hour deserves to be up there on this list. You may not have that %100 guarantee that you won't be robbed blind, but personally, I like a little drama thrown into my cleaning service hiring routine. Use with caution or for a risky game of "see where the feather duster goes."

  9. Merry Maids of Erie

    These gals are the Yale and Harvard of local vacuum jockies. With a top of the line website, a name that screams 'I love my job' and a service area that could put them on 25 other local house cleaner lists, Merry Maids are the ones to hire. When it absolutely has to be spotless and perfect because your mother-in-law will constantly keep reminding her son that the girl next door back home just won her 5th Michelin star for housekeeping, Merry Maids will let you be able to keep your cool. They'll make your house so clean, that your mother-in-law will seethe with jealousy and rage as she is unable to nitpick about a single watermark or point out that one dustmite. 

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen: My Mother

    The best housecleaner in Erie PA cannot be found at a cleaning agency. Wait, no, that's wrong. She works for a cleaning agency, but not one that comes to your house. They do like, office buildings and stuff. It doesn't matter, because no matter how good those other guys on the list are, selling their services, they'll never be able to disinfect, stain-remove and pick up after the hurricane-like catastrophies that I left behind as I was growing up. I saw her pay more attention to the vacuum cleaner than to my father, which is probably why he left and the vacuum is still in her closet to this day. It's okay though, he was messy. She deserves the top spot on this list, number 10 (which, again, should really be number one if I wasn't always backwards), pick of the litter.

So kudos to my mother, for being able to do the work of every housecleaning service on this list, day in and day out, for as many years as it took before she gave the vacuum cleaner my room and I had to move out. I remember my luggage was so clean I could see my reflection in it.

There you have it you dirty, lazy slob (or you overworked house wife who needs a whole team to get what they expect of you done). You have 9 names to Google and a mother to regret not having. Your place better be cleaner than a hospital for that Italian dinner date.