10 Items You Need for a KISS Kit (D.I.Y. Kit)

Published: November 21, 2014

Kissing and smashing. Need I say more?  Come along, kissing first. K-I-S-S, keep it simple stupid.  A Kiss Kit is made up of things your average Do It Yourselfer should keep on hand.  You’ll be able to do a project whenever you get the itch.  I got KISS from some show or song or something but it inspired me to keep Doing It Myself when I was fumbling, flailing, falling, and failing, so hard.  So hard.  It was ridiculous.  Making a KISS Kit gave me focus and clarity.  I knew what type of projects I wanted to do, how much time I was willing to spend on them, so on and so forth.  The second project I started was a Smash Book.  See what I did there, smashing, second, ha, did you, did you?


My smash book, which I’m in the process of finishing up, is basically everything in my KISS Kit smashed together into one huge project.  I’m using mine for journaling, character creation, plot and setting visualization, ideas, resources, everything, and anything that helps me with my writing.  I’m going to tell you the top 10 items that allowed me to put it together without having to go to the store for anything.


  1. Pinterest and a Notebook

    I have an unnatural attachment to Pinterest.  In fact I’ll probably mention it at random throughout this list. On Pinterest, you can get ideas, make DIY To Do Lists, find inspiration, follow other Do It Yourselfers, and be a source of ideas and inspiration for others, or just take in the countless other board options it has to offer.  You need the notebook for planning and “need to buy” lists.  It can also serve as a good visual tool.  Planning, I find, is key to any good DIY.  And, being able to see where you went wrong if you do, go wrong, is awesome.  I’m just saying.

  2. Insert Drug of Choice Here

    My favorite brand of stupid runs on Blue Raspberry Twists, Pepsi, and Pizza Express. Now, most of you will have no idea what Blue Raspberry Twist are. Why? I don’t know.  I mean for the love of all things sweet and happy, these twist should be on every shelf ever made.  But at last, they’re not. Well, Let me clue you in my pretties.  They’re basically flavored Twizzlers and I can generally find them or some other flavor, usually watermelon, green apple, or orange at dollar tree.  Obviously you don’t have to run on sugar alone or sugar at all; some of you out there probably prefer a saltier high. And if so, that’s fine.  Just bring whatever will keep you up and inspired, and get down to the get down. 

    This, I feel, goes without saying.  But, NO ACTUAL DRUGS or booze.  No offense to those who partake.


  3. Shears and Scissors

    I really wish I could’ve had the foresight on this one. Always, always, always, ALWAYS keep the paper/box/whatever cutting scissors away from the fabric and thread cutting shears. It’s imperative to your sanity and mine.  Once you start cutting other things with you fabric shears they go to absolute, crap and they’ll make your life a living oven.


  4. Wire and Tools

    I love wire. It makes me way, way happier than anything is supposed to, except, of course, Pinterest. Whenever I’m having trouble with other mediums, this is my saving grace.  I’ve used It for the bookmarks and binder loops, even page clamps.  The tools help with neatness; but, if you’re okay with a little mess you can get by without.  The tools: pliers, round tip pliers, and wire cutters also help with the beading and chain links.  However, you can still do without, if you have to.


  5. Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


    So useful.  Crazy cool.  You can make masks and crowns, pretty Christmas ornaments, and all sorts or neat-o things. And, and it even fixed that pesky shoe that kept talking to me, and the people behind me.  The sole, the tongue, the toes, it was seriously horrid.  Any-who, I used it to secure a lot of stuff to my smash book and as a sort of second layer for the jackets and spine, because of the way it hardens. It runs out quickly or at least for me it did, maybe it was the shoe. Either way, you definitely need the extra glue sticks.  They come in different colors and sometimes with glitter.  Glue guns also come in multiple sizes.  The smaller guns are great for more intricate design choices.

  6. Beads, Buttons, and Baubles

    These are great to have on hand for use inside of the book (sew buttons on this page, etc.)  I’ve sort of collected random earrings, pendants, broaches, chains and links; and, I’m using them on the cover. It will be like those amazing mixed media journal covers.  They look like they’d be so much fun to make.  I used leftover beads from other projects and old jewelry I’ve received over the years.  My thought on the jewelry goes like this, use it but don’t do anything permanent if it’s special to you. 


  7. Fabric

    Just scraps or old clothes you no longer wear will do.  Over half of my projects started with torn jeans.  If you do want to buy something special for your kit, I like blank canvases or something very simple; it is your choice though.  The scraps help with building layers.  Like, if you want to make something 3D or puffy, scraps are great for that. Also, don’t forget an old sheet; use it to cover surfaces while working. It’ll even pass for use in the project in a pinch. 


  8. Glue, Mod Podge, Oh, and Don't Forget the Tape (Any and All Kinds of Tape)

    So, as you’ve probably figured out by now, adhesives are pretty important to this project.  Elmers and a good ole glue stick will be important for the inside.  For the outside I like to use something a little stronger and durable.  Mod Podge is great if you want to decoupage the outside or if you want to add fabric as a cover.  As for tape you can really never have too much.  Duct tape goes a long way, decoratively.  Packing tape works so well, because you working with boxes and stuff like that; that’s what it’s made for. 

    Fun Fact: If you don’t have Mod Podge or simply don’t want to shell out 20 bucks for a jar, there are videos on YouTube showing you how to make your own out of glue.


  9. Thread and Needles, Beading Needles Too (Sewing Machine if you have one), and Hemming Tape

    Thread and needles are needed for beading and sewing.  If you have a sewing machine it will definitely make the process go faster and probably a bit smoother but It Is NOT Necessary.  Maybe invest in one of those thimbles though, I have a tendency to hurt my fingers with these bad boys, often.  If you don’t want to do the sewing you can use hemming tape an iron it very easy and quick.  If you want to do beading though, there’s pretty much no way around the sewing.


  10. Old Greeting Cards, Cereal Boxes, Gift Bags, Tissue Paper, You know holiday stuff


    Lastly, you should keep any boxes you get; you can make some fantastic stuff.  I keep shoe boxes and packaging for storage and crafts.  Greeting cards have so many interesting features on them, pretty pictures, raised paper, or thoughtful words.  You can hide any parts you don’t want with tissue paper, paint, glitter, foil (do some embossing), anything!  Gifting materials are forever useful.  

So, I’ve sort of, definitely talked about all of these items as they pertain to making a smash book.  But, that's just one project I made using everything in my kit.  Imagine the possibilities.  Every item in this kit can be used in projects separately.  And some items, such as the glue gun, can be used by themselves to make something really beautiful and extremely cool.  Another resource I probably should’ve dedicated a bit more space to is YouTube.  It really is invaluable.  It’s a visual encyclopedia, anything you don't know how to do, seriously. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.