Best Niche Playstation Vita games

Published: November 17, 2014

People often complain of the lack of games on the Vita. The real problem is not the amount, it's the awareness. The Vita has plenty of great games, but most fly under the radar. Here are 10 that you probably missed but NEED to try out.

  1. #10 Demon Gaze

    Demon gaze is a Dungeon RPG where you, the Gazer, are tasked with taking down demons with your Demon Eye and storing their powers into you for use in combat. It has the typical DRPG elements, turn based combat with lots of strategy involved in order to win. There are many classes and character types to choose from so the variety will captivate you for quite a while. The story does not take itself very seriously and you will soon find yourself attached to the quirky and fun characters. Check it out, I’m really glad I never passed up on this gem.

  2. #9 Deception IV: Blood Ties

    Ever wanted to be a cute girl leading soldiers out to kill you into torturous traps that kill them? Than this game is for you! This game is about setting various traps on a playing field and stringing them together so that one trap leads into another and will do maximum damage to your enemies. The traps are mostly medieval style so you will be doing things like using a Spiked Wall to knock someone into the path of a Guillotine which hits them into the air landing them on an electric chair, and when they fall off of that a boulder come down and smashes them. There are so many combos in this game and it’s very fun to experiment with, look up some gameplay videos, it’s even fun to watch on its own.

  3. #8 Akibas Trip 2

    Akibas Trip is a very... unique game. You are an Otaku in Japan’s Akihabara district and are tasked with fighting vampires and tearing their clothes off in order to expose them to the sunlight and destroy them. The whole game is a play on the whole Otaku fanbase and makes fun of it, so it is quite comical for anybody, Otaku or not. The combat is a brawler type game so you will be stringing together combos of punches and kicks in order to take down the enemies. If you have any knowledge of Otaku culture, get this game and I guarantee you’ll be laughing the whole way through.

  4. #7 Project Diva F

    Project Diva F is a rhythm game starring Hatsune Miku and her fellow Vocaloids. It’s a pretty straightforward rhythm game where you follow along with the song and press the corresponding key when the button prompt appears on the screen. I must admit I was never a fan of Vocaloids, but after this game I just loved them and even installed a lot of their songs onto my phone. This is great for casual and hardcore players alike due to the easiest modes being very easy and the hardest modes being totally brutal and punishing.

  5. #6 Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus

    Senran Kagura is a game that appeals more towards the male audiences. You play as a very well-endowed ninja (both up top and down below) and you fight other Ninjas from rival factions. This is a mouso type game so you will be fighting tons of enemies at once and taking them down with very fast and powerful attacks. When you defeat the enemies you get scenes of you tearing their clothes off that are very jiggly and fun to look at. It’s quite a perverted game, but hell, it’s great eye candy and great fun to play as well.

  6. #5 Ys: Memories of Celceta

    The newest entry in the Ys series, Memories of Celecta does not disappoint. The combat is what makes most Ys games, and this is defiantly up to par. The combat revolves dodging around enemies and striking at precise moments in order to do the most damage to them. It’s hard to describe, but if you look up gameplay videos on Youtube you’re sure to be intrigued. Even if you have never played a Ys game before, go try this, they are all lots of fun.

  7. #4 Freedom Wars

    Freedom wars is a game set in a world where, just by being born, you are automatically given a prison sentence of 1 million years because you are a waste of human resources. In order to work these years off you must due jobs for your Panopticon (home city) which involve rescuing civilians, killing Sinners like you from rival Panopticons and a variety of other things. The story is very unique and intriguing and the combat is fats paced and super fun. The game also sports 4 game online coop for you to complete your missions so you can have great fun with friends in this game.

  8. #3 Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc / Danganronpa: Goodbye Despair

    The Danganronpa series all revolve around one central aspect. You are one of a group of 16 students who are pitted against each other and told that in order to escape where they are trapped they must kill each other. This game is Battle Royale meets Ace Attorney. The characters are all amazing and well developed and you genuinely feel attached to them. Which makes it all the more sad when they are inevitably killed by your other classmates. When one of your classmates is killed you must go through a class trial and find out who did it, or else everyone will be killed besides the killer. Great fun to be had in both games, especially if you are a fan of Visual Novel type games.

  9. #2 Muramasa: Rebirth

    Muramasa is a 2D hack n’ slash that puts you in the shoes of a lowly ninja named Kisuke, or princess named Momohime depending on your character selection. They come into possession with Muramasa, the demon blade and must complete their destinies. While the story is fairly lackluster, the combat more than makes up for it. The game has over 100 demon blades to choose from, each with their own unique abilities. The enemies vary widely and the boss battles are all very fun to play. Even if you don’t like this type of game, I strongly suggest you try it, the gameplay is so addicting and fun that it took me over 40 hours to get even a little bit tired of it.

  10. #1 Persona 4: Golden

    Just a straight up amazing game, easily my favorite game of all time. You’re an average high school student in Japan who is sent from the big city into a small town. You meet a group of very well developed and quirky friends and you must investigate murders that have recently started when you entered town. The story is amazing and had me laughing and crying all the way through. The turn based RPG combat is quite fun as well, and the music is phenomenal. You will not regret playing this game and you will love every second of it.

These games alone make the Vita worth it and there are plenty more like them to come in 2015 and the coming months. I hope you check them out, I was never really a fan of weird Japanese games at first, but these games made me absolutely love them. Thanks for reading.