The Best Classes in Realm of the Mad God (as of November 2014)

Published: November 15, 2014

Realm of the Mad God is a unique bullet hell MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). When playing the game you can pick one of many classes to fight with, each with their own special abilities. While the creators have tried to make the classes balanced, many perform better than others. The best classes are the ones that perform well in almost all dungeons, get loot from event bosses, and can be a great asset to a team in high level dungeons like the Shatters. The 10 best classes will be listed below.

  1. Sorcerer


    The sorceror is the most powerful wand bearing class. He has a great ability, the scepter, that allows him to hit multiple enemies for a large amount of damage. Because he uses the wand, he can take out many enemies at once through the piercing effect, making him one of the most effective godlands farmers, if not the most effective godlands farmer. By tracking to see where the blast was, an effective socerer player can follow the trail left from the blast to find more gods to kill. He also performs well in many dungeons due to his high vitality, so he can solo many dungeons with ease. Finally, he can kill event bosses pretty easily with his piercing wand.

  2. Mystic

    The mystic was buffed recently to make it a much more competitive class. It inflicts a curse status condition on enemies, meaning that you can get much more damage in on enmies. She can also rush dungeons extremely well due to her orb stasising everything in sight. In events, she can stasis mobs of enemies, allowing her access to kill the boss in the middle of the horde of enemies. Finally, she can work very well in groups by stasising enemies that are a threat to the group such as Ice Adepts in the Shatters.

  3. Trickster

    The trickster has one of the most interesting abilities in Realm of the Mad God: the prism, which allows the user to both teleport and create a decoy. She also has a very high DPS, allowing her to kill enemies very quickly for the distance that her bullets travel. She can teleport through sprite worlds in order to finish them extremely quickly. She can also work well in groups by decoying enemy fire, allowing the group to kill mobs faster. She has a good chance at getting loot in events, although melee classes can still outclass her in getting to the boss.

  4. Rogue

    The rogue can cloak in order to avoid enemy fire. This makes him the most solo-oriented class in the game. He can destroy the godlands by cloaking and picking off gods from afar without worry. He is also very good at rushing dungeons for people, making him invaluable in the Tomb of the Ancients. He also has a good time at getting loot at events because he can cloak in order to get close to the boss, meaning that very little fire will come at you until the cloak wears off. This is a very high risk/high reward class.

  5. Paladin

    The paladin is one of the best classes to have in a group because its ability both heals and increases damage output. He is a melee class, so he has access to armors with the highest defense in the game. He works well in rushing dungeons because of his healing ability. He can also get close to event bosses to do damage because of his high defense. He is invaluable against the Avatar of the Forgotten King, allowing the boss to be killed about 50% faster due to the damage buff.

  6. Huntress

    The huntress is one of the most powerful long ranged classes in Realm of the Mad God. When equipped with a Doom Bow she can destroy gods in one hit and kill monsters that have high defense. Because of this, she is very good against the high defense monsters of the Shatters. Her ability, the trap, allows her to slow enemies. This makes her a good rusher in places like the Abyss of Demons. She is not very good against event bosses, but is still very popular among players due to her relative safety for her range and damage output.

  7. Archer

    The archer is very similar to the huntress with the exception of his ability. When equipped with a Doom Bow he can destroy gods in one hit and kill monsters that have high defense. Because of this, he is very good against the high defense monsters of the Shatters. His ability, the quiver, allows him to paralyze enemies. This is very useful against bosses that move around a lot like Mama Megamoth and the Horrific Creation. The ability is also very easy to use, so he is used often in the godlands. He is also not very good at event bosses, but a few hits on the boss and you can get loot.

  8. Wizard

    The wizard is the first class you start with in Realm of the Mad God. He has a very high damage output. This makes him a very good godlands farmer, especially for his range. He is the third most popular class in Realm of the Mad God mostly for this, but he also does very well against event bosses because his ability can do massive damage to the boss from afar. Finally, he can work well in a team because he kills enemies very fast.

  9. Warrior

    The warrior is the second best class in Realm of the Mad God. He has a massive attack stat. This plus his damage buffing ability means that he has the highest DPS of any character in the game. He can tank many shots because of his high defense. This lets him rush dungeons easily and kill bosses instantly. He works well against event bosses because of his high defense. By tanking the blows, he can kill them in under 5 seconds. He also works well in a group by buffing others to do more damage to enemies.

  10. Knight

    The knight is considered by many to be the best class in Realm of the Mad God. This is mainly due to its defense stat, which is the highest in the game. He is very hard to kill, and thus is a popular candidate to rush dungeons with. He can also decimate the godlands quickly because of the high damage output of the sword. He can destroy event bosses with his ability, the shield, which stuns the enemy for a couple seconds. He is also very good in groups through his stun, which can reduce the damage the group takes significantly.

The Knight might be the best class in Realm of the Mad God, but do not let that stop you from playing the class you find the most fun!