The Top 11 Brunch Destinations in Greenville, SC

Published: November 15, 2014

Greenville, SC has some of the most delectable, distinctive restaurants in the South. This list showcases a selection of what this charming town has to offer on a lazy Saturday morning (or afternoon).

  1. Legrand Bakery

    For an authentic French brunch, visit Legrand Bakery on Augusta Street. A savory selection of quiche, croissants, and sandwiches draw regulars every weekend. The pastries are divine which makes sense since the owner (and star-baker) is French. Legrand is also great for an afternoon snack, coffee, or freshly baked baguette. They also offer pre-packaged pastries and sweets.

  2. Brickstreet Cafe

    Brickstreet is a whimsical restaurant guaranteed to please. The fresh fruit plate offers chicken salad, fruit, and a muffin. Many consider eating their famous love muffins, with cream cheese and raspberry preserves in the center, to be a religious experience. They also have a fantastic quiche of the day, usually a vegetable quiche. A wide assortment of cakes and pies provide the best dessert selection in Greenville. The paddy cake is one of many regulars' favorites, a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, chocolate shavings, and a raspberry drizzle. Combined with bright colors, playful decor, and lively servers makes for a superior brunch experience. They are not open on Sunday.

  3. Southern Culture

    This restaurant manages to create fresh takes on old brunch favorites for an affordable price on Pleasantburg Drive. Sweet potato pancakes and the poutine are just two of the original combinations for the adventurous brunch-goer. The fried pimento and fruit salad is a wonderful light option. There is also the biscuits and gravy for the traditionalist. A sophisticated rustic atmosphere, bottomless mimosas, and a Bloody Mary bar make this the perfect restaurant for relaxing with friends for hours. Ask to sit outside on warm days.

  4. Nose Dive

    Nose Dive is a modern gastropub that also presents creative dishes such as fish and grits. For grits-lovers, there is also a grits bar. The sweet potato fries are delicious and have a Krispy Kreme taste that is intriguing. Located next to the Westin Poinsett on Main Street in downtown, it's the perfect spot to combine with people watching or a leisurely walk downtown.


  5. Coffee Underground

    Coffee Underground is a long-established spot in downtown Greenville. Long a destination for caffeine junkies, Coffee Underground offers myriad coffee options as well as a semi-new room designated for brunch. Try the white tiger milkshake, a combination of espresso and white chocolate, for a sublime caffeine buzz. The food is a basic but nevertheless delightful brunch spread and the atmosphere is ideal for any weekend work or studying.

  6. Passerelle Bistro

    With a beautiful view overlooking Falls Park, Passerelle offers French food with a polished presentation. Falls Park is a central destination in downtown Greenville that is family-friendly and ideal for a scenic walk, reading, or a photography session. Passerelle's elegance and casual feel is a superb mix with Fall's Park for brunch. The croque madame is a tasty, filling meal. The classic petit dejeuner combined with the picturesque view is the ultimate Greenville experience for those dreaming of being an expatriate in Paris. They also offer bottomless mimosas. The portions are modest and just right for those looking for a light brunch.

  7. Rick's Deli and Market

    For a variety of great food, visit Rick's including sandwiches, salads, and soup. The West End Triple Play allows you to choose three salads which include egg salad, chicken salad, pasta salad, pimento cheese, hummus, and fruit along with fresh greens and a croissant. The dessert list is extensive: Rick's offers sundry macaroons, chocolate mousse, pastries, and cakes. They also provide parking next to the restaurant, making Rick's one of the the most convenient options in the downtown area for brunch. They have filling entrees at night for a casual dinner. Note that they are not open on Sunday.

  8. Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery

    The Swamp Rabbit Trail is almost 20 miles long perfect for running, cycling, walking, and sightseeing. The Swamp Rabbit Cafe is a stop along the trail that you can also reach via road. They have pastries and sandwiches that change daily depending on what they have. They also buy and sell local produce as well as host various potlucks and educational events for the community. It's a great place to take a family or to end a long run. It is located on Cedar Lane Road, a little outside downtown Greenville.

  9. The Velo Fellow

    This restaurant presents a Southern take on a public house. Try the falafel burger, shepherd's pie, or the starving artist, black beans with rice, salsa, and bread. The fish and chips are a pub staple and at The Velo Fellow, an appetizing pick. With an assortment of mismatching chairs, tables, and a sitting area, the atmosphere here is a cozy one. They boast a long list of beer but also have wine and a full bar.

  10. Stax Omega Diner

    Stax Omega has been a go-to breakfast and brunch spot for years. It offers a more casual setting with substantial options and portions and is family-friendly. It's located near Haywood Mall which makes it ideal for a prelude to a day of shopping. Choose a heaping helping of pancakes or baked goods from their renowned bakery.

  11. Tupelo Honey Cafe

    Tupelo Honey is another small Southern chain guaranteed to satisfy your need for a home-cooked meal. A biscuit and honey is a staple with each meal, provided while you wait for your order. The fried chicken and biscuits provides a generous portion. Choose the goat cheese grits or fried okra as a side. It is located on Main Street.

  12. The Local Taco

    Located right off of Augusta Street, The Local Taco is another small Southern chain dedicated to Southern-Mex combinations. Each week the brunch taco changes depending on the chef's whim. The standard tacos also present unique options like fried chicken, fish with pickled jalapeños, and barbecue. The enchiladas are great for a warm option in winter. There are several tasty vegetarian options at The Local Taco as well, including the mushroom and spinach enchilada and the veggie plate which boasts a variety of sautéed vegetables, black beans, rice, and lemon crema. Try the margaritas or red sangria as you relax on one of their two porches.

Legrand, Brickstreet, and Southern Culture offer the most original dishes as well as traditional brunch options. They represent what is best about Greenville cuisine and the ideal brunch setting. Happy weekend!