Top 10 Crafts To Do With Children On A Rainy Day

Published: November 13, 2014

Here is a list of the best fun and enexpensive crafts to do with children when the sun is hiding and the weather is bad. These crafts support creative learning and are great time passers. This list is in no particular order. They are ALL fun to do!

  1. Homemade Christmas Ornaments

    This craft is not only fun to do but also productive. When your child is done, he/she can give them as gifts. Set out some construction paper, glitter, tissue paper, string, markers and crayons, glue/tape and anything else in your crafting supplies. Watch the magic happen!

  2. Gloop

    Who doesn't like to play with goop? It is squishy fun for everyone! It is hands on learning and good for small motor skills.

     Look Here for Recipes!

  3. Homemade Silly Putty

    It's silly! It's putty! It's homemade stuff that's alot like silly putty! Great stress reliever for your busy kid!

    Look Here For a Recipe!

  4. Modeling dough

    With all the technology these days..have your young ones take a break with good old Playdough like substance. There are even edible versions out there!

    Follow This Recipe!

  5. Pudding Painting

    Do your little ones need to artistically express themselves through painting? Try Pudding painting! All you need is finger painting paper and pudding cups. Have them dip their fingers in some pudding and get to painting. Just make sure you secure the paper to the table with tape. 

  6. Suncatchers

    So fun and so PRETTY! Help your child make these delightful projects.

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  7. Musical Instruments

    The radio has nothing on homemade musical instruments! Make some instruments out of everyday  objects. Get creative. Have a family parade!

    Learn How To Make beautiful Music Here!

  8. Pipe Cleaner Animals

    Simply grab some pipe cleaners and start twisting! Try challenging your kiddo to create an animal that doesn't exisit or is extint. 

    Make Them!

  9. Cardboard Cities

    Get some cardboard boxes, crayons and imagination. Help your youngsters make buildings, cars, even cardboard people. The ceiling is the limit!

  10. Pinecone Bird Feeders

    So EASY! Grab some pinecones while on a family walk or buy them at a craft store. Get some bird seed, peanut butter and a popcicle stick. Use the popcicle stick to smear PB all over the pine cone and then sprinkle the birdseed on top of the peanut butter. Hang from a tree branch and watch the little birdies chip away at it. 

Taking the time to let your kids get messy and creative is WELL worth the cleanup time. Some of these crafts are purely artistic and some (like gloop and putty) are also a lesson in science and following a recipie. With all the technology we have now (which is great and useful) we really should remember to slow down and get back to the basics. Children will thank you for it.