The 10 Best Games On Steam That You Can Get For Less Than $10

Published: November 13, 2014

Steam is a digital video game distrobution service for personal computers. It currently has over 3,700 games available and over 100 million users.

Steam often has great sales on games, and even their full priced games are sold at a great price. And that's what this list is focusing on, the best games on Steam that you can buy for the price of a burger (but a nice burger from a semi-nice resturaunt.)

  1. Team Fortress 2 - Free

    Okay, let's get the most obvious one out of the way first. This is one of the most popular games on Steam. And it's free. Mostly.

    See, you can play all you want, and have tons of fun, until you collect too many in-game items. Then you realize that you can't hold anything else until you throw some junk out or spend some money to upgrade your account. The good news is you can upgrade buy buying any item in the shop, the cheapest item being a mere ten cents, and once you upgrade to  premium, you keep it for life.

    This game can be unforgiving and unwelcoming to new players, but it's a game that's worth playing. It's a 14gb initial download and will run on most medium end computers with no trouble.

  2. Portal - $9.99

    Everyone has heard of Portal. And almost everyone has already played it. But if you haven't yet, you can pick it up for pretty cheap now. And it frequently goes on sale too. 

    The game is simple, you have a gun that shoots portals. You make portals in walls and floors to get from A to B. It's simple, but incredibly difficult in the later stages. 

    It has an amazing sequel, but that one is twice the price, so it didn't make the list.

  3. Garry's Mod - $9.99

    Garry's Mod isn't so much of a game itself as it is a base. A foundation on which dozens of other games are built. With it's continuing development and seemingly infinite amount of content available through the workshop, someone could play this for months, or even years, and never get bored.

    One of the more popular game modes that run within GMOD is TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). A mode based on Counter Strike, in which a group of people have to find out who among them are the traitors while managing to stay alive through the ordeal.

    Another popular one is Murder. In this mode, one person is a murderer, and everyone else isn't. It's the murderer's job to take out everyone else without getting caught.

  4. The Binding Of Isaac Collection - $6.60

    This is one of those games that people either love or hate. It's a more violent and disturbing take on the roguelike genre. The collection includes both the base game and the massive expansion, which adds hundreds of hours worth of new content.

    In the game, you play as Isaac, a young boy who is working his way to the deepest part of his basement in an attempt to escape his deranged mother. On your way down, you'll fight a slew of disturbing monsters and pick up an enormous arsenal of insane powerups.

    But do remember, this game is not for everyone. It has strong religious overtones and a lot of very disturbing imagry.

  5. To The Moon - $9.99

    To The Moon is a story driven game presented in an RPG-like format. But this isn't an RPG.

    You play as Drs. Rosaline and Watts, a pair of scientists whose job entails altering the memories of dying people to help fulfill their final wishes. The game begins when they're called in to help an old man named Johnny realize his wish of going to the moon. But since he can't remember why he wants this in the first place, they have to go back through his memories to discover why.

    A word of warning though, this game will make you cry. Every step of the way it's throwing some soul crushing sadness at you. This is not a happy game, though it is a beautiful one that everyone should play.

  6. System Shock 2 - $9.99

    System Shock 2 is the predecessor to Bioshock. That alone is enough to make people play it. It's a first person shooter crossed with an RPG. The game is one of the highest rated on Steam, so it's definitely worth a look into.

    You wake from cryosleep aboard the starship Vaun Braun. The entire crew has been slaughtered and you're the only survivor. There are monsterous beings roaming the halls, and your only companion is the voice of the ship's AI, taunting you over the speaker system.

  7. Sonic CD - $4.99

    While there are plenty of Sonic games on Steam for under $10, this is most likely the most universally loved. While the Sonic Adventure games are great, they're notorious for having mediocre controls and terrible voicework. This game however has some of the tightest controls in the series, and amazing audio.

    In the way of gameplay, it doesn't bring too much new to the series, aside from the time travel aspect, (If you hit a Past, Present, or Future sign and then maintain top speed for long enough, you'll be blasted straight into whatever time period you chose), but it's still one of the best in the original series.

    And the Steam re-release adds a few new features, one of the best being the ability to play through the game as Tails once you beat the game once.

  8. Star Wars (Most Games) - $2.99-$9.99

    There are a few Star Wars games on Steam for over $10, but all of the best ones are under that. Both Knights of the Old Republic games, The Jedi Knight games, and the Battlefronts, among others.

    These games are so good, it's not really possible to pick just one. If you like RPGs, go with the Knights of the Old Republic games. If FPSs are your thing, Battlefront is for you. If you're a sucker for action-adventure, Jedi Knight it is. And that's just scratching the surface of the variety that these games provide.

  9. Knytt Underground - $6.99

    If you're not familiar, Kytt was originally a series of free games, made by series creator Nifflas. They're platforming adventure games where you collect powerups in order to be able to reach an end goal.

    While this one offers more of that in a not free package, it also offers and amazingly deep story that is often very emotional and thought provoking. It really is worth a play, and will provide you with hours of gameplay for a reasonable price,

  10. Poker Night At The Inventory\Poker Night 2 - $4.99 each

    Truth upfront, these are standard poker video games. No crazy mechanics that make them whacky and new or anything like that. What makes these games great though is the interactions between the other characters at your table.

    The games feature a cast of characters from other games, tv shows, movies, and web originals. While you play, they interact with eachother and your silent avatar. It's all really fun to just sit and listen to, which is why the game offers to let you sit and watch the computer controlled characters play even after you run out of chips. It's all really fun, and worth the small price tag.

  11. Honorable Mentions (Obvious Things I left off the list)

    Of course, all of the Half Life games, the Fallout Games, and games such as Terraria and Hotline Miami are under $10, but they're very obvious choices that are alredy on dozens of lists. And while I did list a couple of obvious ones on here, I wanted to also give the spotlight to a few older or indie games that deserve it as well.

These are a personal favorite top 10, but there are hundreds more great games on Steam for under $10. You can find them by looking into the "Under $10" section on the website or in the client. But I do hope you'll look into a few that I listed here. They are some personal favorites that I feel need more attention, or that I know everyone who plays them will love.

And thank you for taking the time to read this list.