The 10 Best Free Kid Craft Websites

Published: November 12, 2014

If you have kids, you know that they are creative little monsters. Almost all children crave creating and learning. 

I've compiled this list of the 10 best websites to get creative ideas for kids to craft and use their imaginations to create fun projects with a caregiver. These are some of the best of the best sites to crush boredom and allow children to explore their creative side. 

Remember: Don't squash a kids creativity by forcing them to adhere to a set of "creative rules." Just let them have fun and get to the end of their project while using their own ideas in this imaginitive play time experience.

  1. Free Kids Crafts

    No Sew Patchwork Tote


    Free Kids Crafts (.com) is run by a 3 generations of women. They have all kinds of creative crafts for children of all ages. The best part? All templates and instructions are free! The guides for each craft are well written, easy to follow and fun for all. The crafts are categorized and there is something for everyone to do, depending on what type of creative endeavor the child is interested in. You can find crafts using recycled items, holiday themes, all things animals, printables and so much more! This site is 100% crafting for children. 

  2. Education (.com)

    Duct Tape Crafts



    Not only is Education (.com) great for finding crafts, but it is also an amazing source for creative learning. It was created to help busy teachers as well as caregivers find resources, projects and educational experiences to share with children. While the site is not exclusively free, the arts and crafts section shares a variety of free crafty projects. Crafts are submitted by users of the site. Most of the craft projects have easy to follow directions and are easily searchable by grade, subject, and interests. The only reason this site is not rated number one, is because the site can be difficult to navigate.

  3. All Crafts

    Ocean Jar



    All Crafts is exactly what is says in its name, its ALL THE CRAFTS! This site has been online since the year 2000 (whoa!) The site itself is not great to look at, HOWEVER! if you are looking for some fun free crafts for kiddos, you will find a bunch of them here. They are both educational, and fun for the kids. I added this one to our nifty list, mostly because there are so many crafts on here that you don't see in many other places. It adds unique creative projects for our little munchkins.

  4. Kids Crafts 1-2-3

    T shirt notebook


    Kids Crafts 1-2-3 is a beautiful site and magazine that is, in its entirety, about the kids and the crafts. While the majority of the crafts this site offers is within the purchase of their magazine, they also offer free crafts with instructions. There aren't many in the free section, which is why it is not higher on the list, but the one's that are available, free of charge, are fun and great for a variety of ages (and the young at heart as well!)

  5. DLTK- Crafts for Kids

    Paper Quilt


    DLTK is a family run craft site where dad is the technical support, mom is the adminstrator and the kiddos get the joy of being the testers. Everything is free here, and there is a wide variety of projects that are categorized by interest area. You have countries and cultures through holidays and much, much more. This site has quite a few ads, so be careful what you click on. Nothing that I found on this site needed to be downloaded. 

  6. Craft Bits

    Fireworks Headband


    Craft Bits has a great kid craft section. Its all free, with a variety of unique projects for kids of all ages. Run by a mother and daughter team in Australia, it has concise instructions, and an array of fun crafty ideas for the kiddos to enjoy. The site is not all about kids, there are crafts for everyone, and they also created a cancer fundraiser! These ladies have created a warm and welcoming site.

  7. The Crafty Crow

    Turkey Craft


    The Crafty Crow is a fun place to get an array of crafty projects for kids. The site is categorized by age and subject matter. The pictures for the crafts are beautiful and the instructions are easy to follow. The site is run by a blogging, homeschooling mom. She has 10 years experience of running blogs and has been a homeschooling mama for 15 years. 

  8. Activity Village

    tree craft


    Activity Village is a UK website with a medly of crafts for the littles in your life. Similar to education(.com) this site is made as a resource for parents and teachers alike. The craft selection is vast in its useful, educational and fun crafts for children of all ages and skill level. They also give you the option to subscribe to a newsletter with lots of new crafts and activities.

  9. Fun-A-Day

    Cookie oven!


    Fun A Day is a great resource for crafty science projects such as the one pictured above as well as artsy craftiness that you are looking for. The site creator is a single mom, teacher and all around full of awesome! If you're looking for fun, and educational crafts for your kids to be ultimately excited about and poud of, this is definitely the place you want to head. The site is free, and available to parents and teachers alike.

  10. Crafts for all Seasons



    Crafts for all Seasons is another craft site for all ages and skills. The crafts are great for inciting creativity and imagination within all! A great mesh of craftiness, on an all free site. User submitted crafts are displayed on this site, by an Ohio mom who is all about instilling creativity and craftiness amongst the children.

Most of the sites provided are equally as awesome as the next. The best site for you will depend on the skill level, and needs of the child you are searching projects for. 

A personal opinion would be to attempt not letting the "instructions" of any project hinder the creative and imaginitive process of neither child or yourself. But if you're just lost on what to do and need new ideas, each and every one of these sites are a perfect resource for free, integrative craft ideas, projects and learning experiences for everyone.