Best places to eat in Burlington MA(on a budget)

Published: November 9, 2014

            Burlington, Ma has evolved in the last 15 years going from a smaller town to the new destination for tech companies like Oracle and Microsoft. If you are on a budget, it can get hard to find something. Fear not! Here are the 10 places you should eat if you’re in Burlingtonand on a budget!  


  1. H Mart

    H Mart is a crazy amazing colorful circus that few dare to brave. However, if you’re looking for some good cheap eats few places will get you a food adventure like the H Mart food court. Make your way through the Korean super market and find 5 kiosks with everything from sushi to Bim Bam and yes they have bubble tea. Especially if you enjoy spicy food you need to make a trip to this Korean Supermarket.

  2. Ritu Ki Rasoi

    Indian culture has defiantly become more prevalent in Burlington in the last decade. Large numbers of specialty stores have cropped up all over the center, providing specialty foods to anyone interested in Indian cuisine. Indian restaurants are also apart of this growth and one of Burlington’s best-kept secrets is a secret because it’s behind an auto supply shop. If it was any other restaurant, it would not have survived, but on pure word of mouth alone this place has become the hidden jewel people keep coming back for.

  3. New Jang Su BBQ

    This place is a legend. It's been around as long as I can remember. It's changed owners a few time (some better then others) but the newest owners have seemed to get back to what's really important, fresh ingredients. New Jang Su BBQ  is a cook your own Korean BBQ joint. It's a lot of fun with a groups and don't worry, the waitresses will be helping you out with the cooking. With every meal comes with it a wide range of traditional Korean sides.  You aren’t going home hungry.

  4. Border Cafe

    This Tex-Mex joint is no secret in Burlington but that doesn't mean that it's not still great. The large loud dinning room might not be great for a meeting or date but for a Thirty Thursday with some office buds it hits all the most important point. It's large and can easily accommodate a large group with little notice, It's got a decent bar, the food is fantastic and all you can eat hot fresh tortilla chips. Try the gumbo and thank me later.

  5. Clover

    A brick and mortar version of Boston’s favorite food truck, you never really know what you'll be eating next when it comes it Clover. This seasonal, locally sourced, vegetarian eatery has a contently changing menu including items in development that are being considered for the rest of the fleet. No matter what is on the menu you can be assured that an extremely nice, non-snooty employee will be more then happy to let know what’s in everything and let you try anything on the menu. What's better then cheap eats? Healthy cheap eats! So sit down, grab some paper and some crayons and eat some rosemary fries while you doodle the next great masterpiece to grace The Wall    

  6. Blue Stove at Nordstrom

    We need to talk about the Mall (Insert sigh here). I have nothing against the mall, I like it a lot, but it brings in a never-ending steam of traffic, but I digress. People come to Burlington just for the mall and when you're in the mall, like most malls, you really don't want to leave the mall to come back later to finish your shopping. Recently, with the new Nordstrom wing, the mall has welcomed more and more food options to feed the new hungry masses, some being cheap and some being overpriced. Is there any middle ground? Yes but it comes from a very unlikely place, Nordstrom. I can hear your doubt. Isn't it going to be pricey? Surprisingly no. I must state that these are lunch or smaller size positions but what you lack in portion it makes up for in flavor. Plus the restaurant its self has the appearance of a higher end restaurant. So if you want to feel like a princess without paying like a princess, Blue Stove is the place to go.

  7. Appleseed Crepe and Bread

    Keeping with the theme of food in the Burlington Mall this little joint is a great snack for people who are in-between meals. When Appleseed first came to the mall it was just a little stand at the top of the escalator. Since then it has graduated into it's own kiosk in the food court and has never looked back. Don't let the name trick you; their salads and sandwiches are also good. Still it's the crepes that started it all. From sweet to savory, half of the fun is watching them create your warm fresh crepe right before your eyes, just like in Paris. It's fun to watch and a great light meal of snack to eat while shopping.

  8. La Cascia’s Bakery & Deli

    If you want chicken parm and a cannoli like your fictional Italian Grandma used to make. This is the place. Hands down 

  9. Lesters Roadside BBQ

    This small joint is on the boarder with Billerica but if you can get out there, do it. From brisket to ribs they do everything. For max bang for your buck look out for their all you can eat wings and ribs nights. You won't leave disappointed.

  10. Wegmans

    Market Basket, Roch Brother and Shaws all have quick eat options but no one can compare to Burlington's newest addition, Wegman's. This two-story food monster store is the new kid on the block and it is not just a grocery store. It does a good job of covering everything and that includes a quick lunch. With a food by the pound bar, sushi station, deli station and pizza station it's hard to find something you don't want to eat.


That’s it! There are over 100 different restaurants in Burlington but these are my top 10 cheap eats. I can hear the skeptics groaning “What about Chipotle and Panera?” Of coarse there are many, many chain restaurants like Chipotle and McDonalds in Burlington but you can get that stuff almost anywhere. Burlington has a lot of good food offers; you just need to know where to look.