Top 10 Electronic Dance Music Artists That New Listeners Should Know

Published: November 9, 2014

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is often played on the radio, stores, televeision, soundtracks, you name it! There are huge artists that most people know of, like Skrillex or Basshead. For the most part, people enjoy EDM to a degree; people can listen to it as a work-out music, study music, party music, and many others. However, due to its restrictive nature, it may be hard to find new EDM artists to listen to without peers to socialize and share musical interests with. Knowing the right artists open up the world of EDM, including shows and festival experiences that are simply undescribable. With the broad range of EDM, this list will tell you the top ten artists you SHOULD know if you enjoy the genre and want to get into the scene, as well as the type of music these artists create.

  1. Gessafelstein

    Born in Lyon, Gessafelstein is a widely popular French EDM artist in Europe. He has since expanded his influence to North America. Gessafelstein started mixing and producing in 2008, and since then he has worked with artists such as Kanye West and Daft Punk. This man has played on large festivals as well as headlining tours, often selling out large venues. Why does he feature as number one on this list of artists you should listen to? The music he produces is both stimulating and enjoyable, while being extremely unique. It is hard to find artists who produces the same sound, and even if they do, they're usually part of his labels Bromance, Parlopone, or EMI. His music features a very dark nature, described as dark trance. Gessafelstein has a large and fanatic following, and performs shows  that can be described as an experience. If you're looking to find an artist that plays intense dark music that gets you in the mood to be active, look no further. Gessafelstein is referred to as the the "Prince of Darkness."


    Check out his songs:


  2. Seven Lions

    The man that headlines the number two spot is Seven Lions. His music style is much different than Gessafelstein, as he produces a mean upbeat trance style. What separates Seven Lions from the others is his versatility and ability to excel in various subgenres such as Trance, House, Dubstep, and Trap. The music Seven Lions creates is complex with many riffs that create a distinct sound that any experienced EDM listener can recognize; he also incorporates vocals in most of his songs. His following is huge, his sound is rhythmic and soothing, listen to him if you want to get in the flow and be at peace, while at the same time be uplifted and motivated to just DO.



    Check out:

    "Don't Leave"

  3. Diplo

    Probably one of the bigger artists on this list, if you haven't listened to Diplo, you should do it right now. He is a big name artist that has collaborated with Waka Flocka Flame, Justin Bieber, Usher, and many others. The man has even dated Katy Perry if that says anything about his exposure. Diplo creates a distinct trap sound, sometimes adding in rap verses in his songs. Diplo creates a large sound, perfect for festivals. If you're looking for workout music, or to just get pumped up and dance, Diplo is the artist you should be listening to. His songs incorporate a technique of frequent "drops" (buildup and a climax of [usually] large bass and upbeat music).

    Listen to:




  4. Knife Party

    Knife Party creates a lot of "Bangers", EDM music that just pump you up. The best way to describe his style is upbeat music with very distinct "drops" that make you want to jump, usually desribed as dubstep in subgenre. His live performances include fireworks, flames, and a lot of intense lighting effects. Knife Party is the music to listen to if you want to get into intense and upbeat EDM sounds, it is the perfect party music. Though his music is not as complex as say, Seven Lions, Knife Party creates a feel of intensity that is hard to match.


    Listen to:

    "Boss Mode"

    "Rage Mode"


  5. Dillon Francis

    Dillon Francis creates a very strong trap sound. His music is very appealing to the broad public because it offers a strong drum and base sound with very distinct "drops."  His music is usually very fast, perfect for dancing or workout out. Furthermore, Dillon Francis is widely popular and can be found as often in social media as Diplo. His music is not as intricate, which also makes it easier to relate to. Listen to Dillon Francis if you want a good base to listen to EDM. He offers a wide range of music styles.


    Try out:
    "Get Low"

    "Set Me Free"

    "Without You"

  6. Buku

    Buku is a fairly unknown artist, however his skill is not to be underestimated. Buku offers a very strong trap sound at a very fast pace with several drops. If I were to describe his music, it would be running or fighting music. It creates a strong sense of energy, and personally one of my favorite artists. All of his sounds are closely related in sound, with his downfall being his low popularity. What's better than knowing a great artists that you can share to your friends though?


    Listen to:

    "Cake Dough Cheddar"

  7. Bronze Whale

    Much like Buku, Bronze Whale is very unknown. Their music styles are different, but Bronze Whale offers a slower pace, similar to trance. Not to be misunderstood, his slow trace-like music still incorporates a trap sound. It is a perfect listening experience if you want to get in the rhythm and not get too distracted by strong "drops" or bass. Much to the appeal of Buku, Bronze Whale is a spectacular artist that you can share with peers to impress.


    Listen to:

    "Weird Dark Things"
    "The Search"

    "Say It"

  8. Kavinsky

    Kavinsky is an EDM artist that produces a lot of House and Techno styled songs. His music almost always includes vocals, usually in RnB styling. He produces a sound that is soothing and gets you in a funky rhythm, much different from trap or dubstep. He has worked with the likes of The Weeknd, and has a song in the soundtrack of the movie "Drive" with Ryan Gosling. If you're looking to study or just get in the mood while driving, Kavinsky is the way to go.


    Try out:

    "Odd Look"

  9. Flume

    Flume is very popular, and would be higher on this list if it was more EDM. Nonetheless, Flume falls into the EDM category with a strong focus on vocals. His sound produces a very strong House/Trance/Techno sound. He often remixes songs, giving them a more emotional and dream-like feel. Flume plays many shows, usually selling them out. However, if you were looking for a more distinct EDM sound, Flume usually falls out of conversation. However, the quality of his work makes it very difficult to not include him.


    "You and I" remixed by Flume

    "Drop the Game"


  10. RL Grime

    RL Grime is the main name for trap EDM. His music offers very strong bass and distinct drops that make you say, "That's RL Grime." His songs are mostly composed of build-ups and drops, but fast-paced beats are also included. RL Grime is perfect for weight lifting or partying. Due to the very appealing nature of trap and D&B (Drum and Bass), RL Grime is very popular and liked by most EDM listeners. This is definitely an artist that you should at least try out once, as most people in the scene know and listen to him. Watch out, RL Grime is on the verge of breaking superstar status.