The Best 10 Tourist Attractions In Europe

Published: November 6, 2014

After travelling Europe recently and finding both amazing and awful tourist spots, I decided to list my top 10 for other travellers.

  1. The Eiffel Tower - Paris

    The Eiffel Tower needs to be seen both day and night.

    During the day I recommend going right up to the Eiffel Tower and getting some great snaps from the Champ de Mars. The structure is really impressive from up close. I was in awe.

    At night I would recommend a more distant view. Go to a viewing spot such as the Place du Trocadero or the Tour Montparnasse. It is a magical view, and especially amazing when the lights start flashing or on New Years Eve. You could go up close, but the effect is not quite the same.

  2. The Islands Of Venice - Venice

    The islands of Venice are unique and picturesque like nothing else you'll ever see.


    On my trip to Venice, I walked through the streets of Venice, and along the Canal where possible. St Mark's Square is an excellent place to start. From there I did some walking, stopping in side streets to do some shopping as the same products are sold for half the price. The best view would be from the centre of the Rialto Bridge, it is postcard perfect. A boat ride to visit the other islands such as Murano, Burano, Torcello and Sant'Erasmo is truly recommended.

  3. Madame Tussauds - London

    At Madame Tussauds you see the most life like looking wax figures. Weekdays are quieter, but be prepared for crowds. Once you leave a room it is difficult to return, so my advice would be to just wait in that room until you've done all the celebrity selfies you could possibly want. A little tip for cordoned off photography sections, just stand near the photographer and take your own photo.


    Unless you like gore, I would also bypass their horror room. I was very pleased guests were given that option. At the end you will also find a ride and a simulator.

  4. Old Town - Lucerne

    Around here walk along the waterfront of Lake Lucerne and take a photo off the side of the Chapel Bridge. As strange as it may sound, for grocery shopping and a well priced dinner, the train station is your best option. Just outside the train station is also a beautiful fountain. A short drive away is also an amazing lion monument carved with the saddest of faces. It is a work of art. And look out for the pig. While in Lucerne also try the chocolate. Swiss Chocolate is the best chocolate, though New Zealand is a strong competitor.

  5. Big Ben - London

    Big Ben and the surrounding Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey are quite an impressive sight. The grand and large buildings are so large it is hard to fit the whole structure in one photograph. They are also a close walk away from many other Westminster City sights such as Buckingham Palace and Gardens, St James Park and the Horse Guards Parade. Big Ben is also located right by a bridge to go across to the South Bank. Which also means you can walk or drive alongside and over the River Thames. 

  6. The Leaning Tower Of Pisa - Pisa

    Pisa is a quaint little place. There is only really the tower, the statue and the church to see. However you can have hours of fun. We started by attempting to get the perfect photo of holding the tower, as was everyone around us. We then spent quite a while looking at the mile of souvenir stores. Pisa and Venice were the best places in Italy to get souvenirs. A walk up the leaning tower, a horse drawn cart ride or a walk around the area are all excellent ways to pass half a day.

  7. The Louvre - Paris

    The Louvre is massive. I could spend days there. There is so much to see inside the Louvre, but also plenty to see outside. Of course the Mona Lisa is a must see as is Venus de Milo and Psyche Revived by the Kiss of Love. Louis XIV is also worth a look.

    Outside the Louvre see the Pyramide de Louvre, the Carrousel de Louvre and the Jardin des Tuileries. The gardens are a lovely spot to sit for lunch. Place de la Concorde, Palais Royal and the Seine are also a short walk away. Souvenirs can also be found across on the Rue de Rivoli.

  8. Old Town - Innsbruck

    Old Town Innsbruck is such a quaint place with interesting street performers and stunning buildings with a view. Particularly worth seeing is the Golden Roof, the town with the mountains in the distance and Swarovski. I spent ages in Swarovski, admiring both the jewellery and the over a floor tall crystal chandelier from Ocean's Thirteen. The Golden Roof takes a little less time, but watching the street performers and looking at beautiful view can take as long as it takes to get a hundred perfect photos. 

  9. Colosseum - Rome

    The Colosseum is and impressive building even in ruins. Being outside on a hot Italian summer's day is a blessing. It is less crowded than the Vatican and has a lot more breathing space. The building itself is interesting to walk through but also to take pictures of its outside circular structure. Also take note of what is left of the marble floors and be careful not to slip on them.


    I enjoyed the architecture, but must confessed I ditched the morbid historical commentary. So be warned if you are faint hearted.

  10. Swiss Alps

    If you haven't really seen the mountains this is a must do. The view is beautiful. We went to Western Alp, Mount Titilis. Here you could visit the ice cave, explore in the snow and ride up in a gondola. As someone who has been to a few mountains I found them to be just a bigger version of other mountains I have seen. But the view is still breath taking.

For me, Paris and London had the most tourist attractions. I would recommend taking a bus tour such as Big Bus Tours to see as much as possible. But my favourite photography spots were Lucerne and Venice.