Best Pizza Places in Columbus

Published: November 4, 2014

For those who want to get to know the best pizza places in the Columbus area. Pizza places are judged on crust, sauce and toppings.

  1. Harvest Pizzeria

    From the bottom up Harvest Pizzeria's pies are the best in town. The pizza crusts are the perfect amount of crispy from the coal-fired oven with a flavor that meshes so well with their slightly tangy sauce. While Harvest doesn't have a wide variety of toppings, they do have some great (albeit unique) combinations that add the right amount of crispiness and burst of flavor to satisfy any pizza lover.

  2. Yellow Brick Pizza

    Yellow Brick is a close second. This place knows how to do toppings! They have everything but the kitchen sink in their list of available toppings. While you can create your own, I highly suggest relying on the combinations that the professionals at Yellow Brick piece together like the J-Money, Big-O and the Boise Surprise. Their sauce options also give you more ways to explore different flavors and customize your pizza. Try the Dante's Sauce!

  3. Natalie's Pizza

    Natalie's is also a coal-fired option here in C-bus. They have quite a variety of toppings as well but the kicker to Natalie's is the atmosphere. You get great pizza, great beer and amazing live music.

  4. Dewey's Pizza

    Dewey's Pizza has a couple locations in town and should be best known for their crust. It's a slightly thicker take on an artisan crust. They also layer on the cheese giving it a picture perfect look when you pull a piece from the pie!

  5. Adriatico's Pizza

    Adriatico's is the go-to pizza for any Ohio State student (not to mention alum's heading back to campus for football games). It's all about the thick, and I meant THICK crust with Adriatico's. With pies that serve 25 people this Sicilian-style pizza can satiate any late night craving. 

  6. Marcella's Ristorante

    Okay so technically not a pizza joint and not pizza, but an Italian restaurant that is famous for it's happy hours and half-off apps that include their amazing flatbreads. These doughy, saucy "pies" are a throw back to where pizza began. Try the Margherita for the ultimate throwback. It's also the perfect price and size for a happy hour budget. You can't be the atmosphere come 5 o'clock!

  7. Hounddog's 3 Degree Pizza

    Hands down the best late night slice in Columbus (yes, better than Mikey's Late Night Slice). The spicy sauce with Smokin' Joes crust will have you craving it and coming back for more. The best part of the Hounddog's experience is that all deliveries arrive in an old school limo with a hounddog on top and usually a pretty cool deliverymen.

  8. Brooklyn Pizza

    Welcome to New York! Just kidding, Brooklyn Pizza opened shop in Powell, Ohio a couple of years ago and is the only spot in the Columbus area to get the closest thing to a New York slice. The thin crust middle with the thick, airy edge allow for the perfect foldover so you can eat like a true New Yorker. It's a bit of a drive from downtown but well worth it. 

  9. Classics Sports Bar

    Alright I'm throwing some of the scoring out the window on this one. Classic's has a mediocre pizza but definitely edible and satisfying, especially on Thursday's when the slices are free starting at 7pm! It's one of the best local joints to watch sports too!

  10. Slice of New York

    Pizza and a show! If you get here at the right time you can catch the guys tossing the dough and they're good at it. So good that one of them won World's Greatest Pizza Dough Twirler! The pizza sauce is the stand out quality at this pizzeria, slightly sweet with a nice texture. It's a small venue so you'll want to grab and go.