The Best Auto Repair Shops In Maine

Published: November 1, 2014

If you know anything about New England, particularly if you've lived in rural parts of the region, you'll know that your lifestyle and overall survival pretty much depends on the mechanic you know.

There are plenty of them out there that know you don't know a thing your car, and they will try to squeeze any extra dollars they can out of you. Knowing a reliable guy to take a look at your vehicle is almost a science. In this list, I will attempt to help you choose the auto mechanic that's best for you. 

  1. Totman Enterprises

    Totman Enterprises

    These guys are the real deal wether you need a tow or someone to fix your vehicle. They've been in business for twenty years now and continue to grow. Totman's is a family business as well and I don't know about you, but it makes a local guy like me feel better giving them my business first. They are almost always likely to give you a deal and best of all they won't sugarcoat anything. They will tell you everything you need to know which makes the process that much easier. Just take a look around their website and you will see the numerous customer testimonials, letting everyone else know they run a trusted and prompt business. Hooray for family businesses!


  2. Maine Auto Service

    Maine Auto Service

    Maine Auto Service is great for a number of reasons. For one, it gives you the opportunity to choose who you want to take a look at your vehicle depending on your location in the state. Their website lists a number of competing mechanics from Augusta to Portland, and they make sure to give every detail you need to know including the address, number, name of the manager, and an image of the shop just to give you a better point of reference. These are people that know convenience is on your mind and when it comes to the location, they know you want to find a guy as close to you as possible. Wonderful choice.

  3. Bob's Auto Service

    Bob's Auto Service

    If your looking for someone to do it all, You gotta go with Bob's. They do a wide variety of jobs, with each one being as professionaly done as the next. From Brakes to Oil Changes, they'll hook you up with a good price and are as courteous as it gets. They have a strong partnership with NAPA, which should comfort anyone second-guessing their credibility. They are open 9 hours a day, five days a week. If your in the Saco area, they are your best bet to get you back on the road in a timely fashion. 

  4. Cavallaro Auto Repair

    Cavallara Auto Repair

    In business for over 30 years, Cavallaro is the place to take your vehicle if credibility is your number one concern. They've done it year in and year out, continuing to form relationships with new customers all while making sure they're regulars are always satisfied. Located in Westbrook, they are a great place to start if your looking for a professional mechanic outside the city. If you happen to be on their website, check out their Online Specials section. On top of being reliable and honest, they'll be the first ones to try to give you a deal and keep you coming back. Class acts.

  5. Mike Morin's Auto Center

    Mike Morin's Auto Center

    Located conveniently in downtown Auburn, Mike's been doing it all for '13 years and running' according to their website. If your the kind of person who wants to hear what other customers are saying, they're online testimonials give you every reason to believe they are the real deal. Not only do customers come back for the professionalism, they come back for the honesty they get every time. One of the many deals they offer is their 'Oil Change Special' which will only run you about twenty five dollars. Give them a look if your looking for someone to keep going back to.

  6. Conrad's Auto Body

    Conrad's Auto Body

    Let's face it, a lot of us in Maine live in rural areas where the nearest mechanic may be an hour or two away. If your located in the midwestern part of the state and you've got car trouble, Conrad's is not only your best bet, but one of the better mechanics you'll find statewide. They are located in Oakland, Maine and offer a number of services that you'd find at most other body shops, but on top of that they are straightforward and honest. (We all know how much that means) Taking a look at their website, you will find a Q&A section that should answer most of the questions you've already got. This gives you a much easier experience once you decide to give them a call. Call them up!

  7. Palmer Springs

    Palmer Spring Company

    Palmer Spring Company offer some of the best service statewide and on top of that, they've got more history in the business than anybody. Having been founded in 1849, they are the oldest spring company in America! And if it's not your springs that need a look, you can get your brakes done, get an alignment, and much more. For anyone in the southern part of that state, they are located in Portland and might just be the best choice in the city. If your getting ready for winter, you can also get yourself a snowplow kit at an extremely reasonable price. Palmer's have it all!

  8. Eastern Tire & Auto Service

    Eastern Tire & Auto

    Need new tires? Need someone to take a quick look under your hood while your there? Eastern Tire & Auto give you the best option for both your tires and your mechanical needs. If your on the eastern part of the state and looking for a competetive auto shop, 'Eastern' is located in Rockland and has been servicing the region for sixty five years. That's right, they've been doing it since the end of World War II. On top of being impressive in their work, they are impressive in their presentation. You'll find a photo tour page, a coupon page and a FAQ section to answer all the questions you may have regarding your rig. 

  9. Jewell Tire Center Inc.

    Jewell Tire & Auto Repair

    Another example of a 'one-stop shop' as far as your auto needs are concerned. Get your tires done, your brakes, get a tune-up, whatever you need done to your car Jewell will get it done right and they'll get it done quick. Not only will they fix your flat, they've got a whole section on their website dedicated to helping you prevent a tire blowout. This coming from a group of guys who make their living fixing tires... It just goes to show you that they're one of those shops that care about you and your car. It might sound cliche, but they truly understand the importance of keeping an ongoing relationship like that with their customers. That includes helping you avoid having to bring your car to them.

  10. Glidden Auto Body

    Glidden Auto Body

    Glidden have been in business since 1964 and continue to wow customers with their diligent work and commitement to excellence. Like the other shops I've reccomended, they too offer online specials just for taking a look at their website. A look inside their building is enough to comfort even the most picky of people. One will find a very professional environment, with workers who love their job honestly want to put their customers at ease. Looking for a paint job? They'll hook you up. Looking for new brakes? No problem. Been in a collision? They'll make your vehicle look good as new without a pretentious attitude. 

I know I left some guys out who were worthy of this list, but in my experience and from what I've heard all around the state, the ten picks that I went with are the guy's you wanna call first. If forced to choose a favorite, I'd pick Totman's, but you really can't go wrong with any of these guys. And to any of the shops I left out, look at it this way. Maine is a very big state! If your inclined to check elsewhere, by all means do it. Like I said, Maine is a big state with PLENTY of qualified professionals who eat, sleep and breathe vehicles. Thank you for checking out my list and like you probably said when your car started acting up, I hope it's nothing too serious! 

-Matt E.