The Best Dirtdogs of Red Sox Nation

Published: October 29, 2014

Dirtdogs are a special breed of Red Sox players who know how to get it done and ensure they leave Red Sox Nation satisfied with the effort they put forth on the field!

  1. Trot Nixon

    He always left it all on the field, whether it was his dirty 4 year old hat, banged up elbow, or no quit attitude!

  2. Jason Varitek

    The Captain.  Should be all I need to say!

  3. Bill Mueller

    Dirt galore! The knee length socks and constantly dirty uniform?! DIRTDOG for sure!

  4. Johnny Damon

    Crashing in to walls left and right, sliding head first all the time.  Whether you consider him a traitor or not, he certainly helped out the Red Sox!

  5. Jonny Gomes

    This guy was late to the Dirtdog bandwagon, but he certainly made up for that with his heart! He had more heart than any guy I've ever seen play!

  6. David Ortiz

    He may not be down and dirty, but he truly truly loves the city of Boston, his teammates and the Red Sox attitude. Big Papi!

  7. Curt Schilling

    The bloody sock! He did it all for Red Sox nation! Heck, he had surgery an hour before pitching in the clubhouse!!

  8. Dustin Pedroia

    He is the nitty gritty tiny second baseman that would die for his team before complaining about an injury!

  9. Kevin Millar

    This guy was just NUTS! He was just as commited to making his team laugh as he was to success on the field.  Without his steal we would not have had Dave Roberts steal second!

  10. Tim Wakefield

    This guy loved Red Sox Nation with all his heart.  He took many beatings just to keep the bullpen well rested and content.  

I think these are Red Sox players who were dirtdogs through and through.  They knew how to play the game and knew how to please the fans.  All of these guys are World Champions and there is a reason for that, they put their heart and soul on to the field!!