10 Worst Video Game Consoles

Published: October 27, 2014

Video games are a beloved hobby, but are all consoles made equal? Of course not! Here's a list of the ten most awful, least fun game consoles ever.

  1. The Atari Jaguar

    Claiming to be a tech powerhouse but delivering very little, Atari's 1993 foray into 3D gaming was a miserable flop- and for good reason! This is a good example of a console with no good games.

  2. Sega 32x

    While technically an add-on for the Sega Genesis, the 32x did have its own library of games- terrible ones. It failed in every respect: as life support for the Genesis, as a game console, and as something people might want to buy.

  3. Sega CD

    Another add-on for the Sega Genesis. While not as mind-blowingly terrible as the 32x, the Sega CD barely has any good games and is only really remembered for being a flop. At the time of its release in 1991 it was ahead of its time in using CDs to store games, but ultimately the techonology was too new to be of any real use. Many of its games are videos the player can barely interact with- yuck!

  4. Virtual Boy

    In 1995, Nintendo was going to be the first company with a stereoscopic game console- 3D, just like in the theater! Unfortunately for them, it was awful. The screen could only display red and black, and only 6 games were ever released for it.

  5. Atari 5200

    Another stinker from Atari! The 5200 was supposed to be the successor of the much-loved Atari 2600, a.k.a the only Atari anybody knows about. Unfortunately, as in the case of the Virtual Boy, it was a big stinker. Its humongous size coupled with its odd power supply and faulty controllers doomed it to failure and obscurity.

  6. Tiger Game Com

    Tiger imagined that the Game Com would compete with the Game Boy, but it actually ended up fading into obscurity due to being awful. It had internet functions, but being interesting wasn't enough to save it from demise.

  7. 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

    Believe it or not, this beast was actually named Time Magazine's "Product of the Year" in 1994. How much were they paid to say that? The world may never know. Its ridiculous $700 price tag and awful games made it a laughing stock.

  8. Phillips CDi

    This console is mostly known nowadays for having very low-quality games starring Nintendo characters. This was because the CDi started as a joint project between Nintendo and Phillips, and when Nintendo backed out, Phillips retained the rights to Nintendo's characters. There is really nothing else memorable about this piece of junk.

While almost all of these are old and forgotten, one thing about them is memorable: how awful they were! Some of these might actually have one or two fun games, but most people will never be able to see through the wall of poo to play them. That's the mystique of these weird old games, you never know if they'll be any good or not. Hopefully any would-be collectors will know to stay away from these monstrocities!