The Best Halloween Candy

Published: October 25, 2014


The young-ins (some of them not so young) will get dressed up in their favorite costumes and go out in search for goodies again this year.  Some of them will get a whole pillow case full of loot. Every family and child is different, but it's obvious that some treats are more coveted than others. Would you rather hard candy or chocolate bars? I know when I was kid, the chocolate and peanut butter cups most certainly got eaten before the taffy and peppermints. And mom always took away the bubblegum. She didn't want to find it stuck all over the house and in our hair.


  1. Snickers bars


    The delicious nuts, nougat, and caramel covered in chocolate make this one of America's top selling candy bars. M&M Mars, the maker of Snickers, recently surpassed Hershey to be the top-selling candy maker in the United States. And Snickers is one of it's most well known and loved products. I remember kids would flock to the houses that were rumored to be giving out full-sized Snickers bars. Whether full or fun-sized, it rates as one of the most sought after pieces of Halloween loot.


  2. Reese's Cups


    These wonderful peanut butter and real milk chocolate cups are an extremely close second on the list of most desired Halloween confectionery. They were created by the H.B. Reese candy company using Hershey's chocolate. They are currently marketed by Hershey, the second top candy manufacturer in the U.S. today. The little ghosts and goblins will eat them right up. The adults will probably even snitch a few.


  3. Milky Way


    Snicker's nut-free twin is also made by the current top candy company in the USA. Nut lovers may not like it quite as much, but those who are allergic or averse to peanuts, love it. When I was a kid, the Milky ways were right up there with the Snickers and Reese Cups in terms of the candy that dissapeared first.


  4. Hershey's Miniatures


    Hershey's miniatures are a solid seller from the second top candy company in the United States. I remember enjoying picking out the Mr. Goodbar and Krackle from my Halloween basket (more like pillowcase) when I was a child. Those two were hard to find as full sized bars and the variety of a bag of Hershey's miniatures was just perfect for a crowd of tricker-treaters with different tastes. The best scenario was when the person giving out the candy would put it out in a bowl and you could choose which ones you wanted.


  5. Nestlé Crunch


    Similar to Hershey's crackle, this candy bar is somewhat easier to find and comes in full-sized bars. It got sorted out of my Halloween candy to be devoured first, right with the other most appealing candy bars. What's not to love about a sweet milk chocolate with delightful little crispies in it? The texture and mouth feel were divine. The Company's current slogan is even "for the kid in you."


  6. Dots


    These soft, tender, flavorful gum drops made by the Tootsie company, bring back a lot of nostalgia. I loved getting those little boxes of juicy gum drops in my Halloween sack. I even lost a filling in them one year. It was well worth the trip to the dentist (although I'm sure my parents will tell you otherwise)!


  7. M&M's


    These little candy-coated chocolate pieces melt in your mouth and not in your hand (so says the manufacturer, anyway). As a kid, I liked to dump several of my fun-sized packages from my beggar’s night goodies out in a bowl to count and sort them by color. The colorful nature of them is a lot of the fun. They were yummy just chewed and swallowed, as the candy coating gave them a specific crunch. They were even better when allowed to melt in your mouth for a soft chocolatey mouthful. They also come in quite a few varieties. This includes peanut, peanut butter, and almond--which are even more delicious than the classic. M&M Mars, the company that makes them, has also done a great job of marketing their talking characters. Overall, this one is a very fun pick for Halloween.


  8. Blow Pop


    This lollipop, made by Charms, is fruity and bursting with flavor. It also boasts a bubble gum surprise inside. I would consider this one of the favorite non-chocolate things to get for Halloween. The idea of putting gum in a sucker is novel. They put two things children love together in one. When I was little, it meant possibly getting away with chewing the gum that we were not allowed to have. The different flavors were fun to choose even though they were all good.



  9. Tootsie Pops


    This is another lollipop that is a big hit with kids. I remember all the conversations about how many licks it did take to get to the center of one and the commonly held believe among my friends that if you got a wrapper with a star on it that you were special or had won some sort of prize. All of the flavors were juicy and delicious but everyone has their favorite. And that soft, chewy, chocolatey center is was best part. Give these out this Halloween, and you'll have some happy campers.


  10. Tootsie rolls


    These don't just come as chewy chocolate morsels of goodness but also in lip smacking flavors. The chocolate ones are classic and taste good but the flavored ones are lots of fun. Cherry, lime, and other fruit flavors burst with tartness on your tongue and the vanilla is a perfect complement to the chocolate. The little beggars this Halloween will have a ball picking through and choosing between the different types of tootsie rolls in their sacks and baskets.


Whether it's about remembering the nostalgia of the Halloween candy you enjoyed when you were young or helping your kids this beggar's night, consider your favorites on this list. I have to stick with Snickers at the top and Reese's as a close second--even though all are still delicious even now that I'm an adult. It has been a long time since I've had a Blow Pop or a Tootsie Pop but now they both sound good.