Ten places to learn a foreign language.

Published: October 25, 2014

Why should one learn a language? Well I have come up with some of the most awesome reasons why someone would and should learn a language and/or languages. It is a great idea for the whole family and I whole heartedly suggest that people read this list so they can gain knowledge about the world around them instead of being 'home bodied'.

  1. College of southern nevada

    Although it is a community college there tends to be a great ideal area in the college that is called the 'international linguistics department' it is just as pregieged as any other college, not to mention it is extremely cost effective as most semesters are only around 1000 dollars to go to school there. The process isn't that hard to register either, so it is an open door school that is willing to give students a running edge compared to the other schools on this list. It is a small school in a large town and it is also in a touristy town, so it tends to rank up really high on this list.

  2. UNLV

    UNLV is in the heart land of las vegas and nevada. The best place for education (not so much) however, the language department ranges from chinese to arabic to german and swahili! They allow single studies such as individual to the online and traditional educational standing. They also offer tutoring up to 6 hours for free, so it offers their students a great chance of success in the future when it comes to the profession of language for business as well as language for teaching. This school is an amazing asset to have and again, like CSN, they are in the heart of a tourist town, so it tends to play an important role in the college in preparing students to work in casinos as translators as well as future educators. 

  3. Concordia College - Minnesota (Bermiji)

    Bermiji is a small college town in the heart land of Minnesota. Beautiful scenary and also they offer a "language immersion camp" for german, Finnish, English (ESL based), Arabic, Russian and many other languages that are absolutely essential for a new look at another culture, these camps are beautifully crafted around a lake, they are surrounded and built to the culture that the language is partained to. So you are not just learning a langauge however you are also learning a new culture and are experiencing the culture to the best of the ability without leaving home and without all the visas needed for international travel. It's also cheaper for the bugeted language learner.

  4. Work base programs - Casinos

    If you work in a casino the next place that you can do is learn from your customers and clientel. You are in a work field that allows people to gain more income if they learn a language from a company accredited program and / or learn a language and better connect with your clients, this will allow you to "prove your worth" if you will. When yous how that you are client oriented you tend to show that you want to be moved up in the program and/or your work place, therefore you are always improving yourself tenfold if you join the work language program at the Las vegas casinos or any other casino outside of the country.

  5. Work base programs - Military

    If you are in a military program more than likely they are willing to have you as a military translator. This is an honorable position and it is one of the highest rankings you can get in teh united states mililtary anyhow. If you are in there you can also get a rank in translation, internal liscenced affairs and also you can get 

  6. Foreign exchange programs

    Want to learn a language? Go to the country. Learning the language and culture at the same time is a great idea. 

  7. Foreign Universities (Berlin, Vienna etc etc)

    Why not learn in a foreign country? Many universities offer programs to the countries native/federal language. 

Learning a language is one of the hardest thing that someone could ever do for a living. However it is very rewarding and it is definately a growing area.