Best Cannabis Strains for Pain Relief

Published: October 24, 2014

The truth is that the Cannabis plant is of limitless value to human kind and all living things on this planet.  Every component of the plant can be used for either food, fuel, clothing, medicine, or building anything we can imagine.  The medicinally valuable parts of Cannabis Indica and Sativa are known as Cannabinoids, of which there are at least eighty variety.  They act on receptors that are present in all vertibrate creatures central nervous systems.  Effects vary depending on the amount and type of cannabinoids present in the particular plant, as well as the amount and method of ingestion. Through years of personal research and shared experiences from fellow patient pioneers I have found the following strains to be especially effective in managing chronic pain.   My criteria for curating these strains include effectiveness, duration of effects, side effects (positive and negative), and flavor profile.  These are, in my OPINION, the best strains for pains.

DISCLAIMER:  Medical marijuana is legal for certain people where I live.  Hopefully soon everyone will be free to benefit from this wonderful plant without worry of prosecution and negative stigma.  Please be aware of the laws wherever you live.  If you believe the laws are unjust, do something about it!

  1. Hindu Kush - Indica

    Gorgeous and highly aromatic nugs.  Sweet and earthy tones come through strong.  Pain relief is provided nearly instantly when vaporized.  The effects are powerful and long lasting.  A deep sense of calm and relaxation permeats the aura these buds emit. The worst side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes.  Both are easily remedied with proper hydration.  This is the ideal nighttime medicine when you have aches and pains preventing restful sleep.  This is a pure Indica strain and is believed to be one of the very first strains ever cultivated for medicinal use thousands of years ago.  It is named after the mountain range from which it originates.

  2. Platinum Girl Scout Cookies - Hybrid

    Herbacious, peppery, and sweet are the dominant flavors in this balanced hybrid strain.  The dense bright green buds will appear to have been dusted in sparkling sugar.  Pain melts away shortly after the first exhale of vapor and an overall sense of wellbeing sets in rather quickly.  These intense positive effects last several hours at least.  This strain allows you to remain alert and functional so as to comfortably focus on some task or you can choose to relax completely and take the opportunity for a nap.  Versatile day or night medicine for pain relief.  Dry mouth can be an issue if you are dehydrated. 

  3. ATF - Sativa

    Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as Manatuska Thunder Fuck named after the valley from which it originates.  It's pungent aroma is herbacious and earthy with luxurious honey undertones.  It is a very pleasant vapor with fast acting pain relief.  This is an ideal strain for starting the day off right.  Especially if you have work or need to remain active throughout the day while maintaining effective pain relief.  Added benefit of uplifted mood and stress relief while being able to stay motivated for the tasks at hand.  Beware of cotton mouth and keep plenty of healthy snacks on hand to keep up the positive energy this wonderful strain provides. 

  4. Blue Magoo - Hybrid

    One of my most favorite hybrids.  Dense buds that are caked in frosty trichomes have a lightly floral aroma that is complimented by a sweet berry flavor and scent.  The relief it offers from pain is quick and endures for several hours.  This is a great strain for staying medicated and motivated to get any necessary chores done.  Provides an overall sense of well being with elevated yet calm mood.  Dry eyes can be a problem with this strain so be sure to have some eye drops on hand if you are sensitive to that. 

  5. Jack Herer - Sativa

    Named after a practical icon in the world of cannabis visionaries, this strain has reached almost equally iconic status as it's namesake.  This is a hybrid that was bred to capitalize on the cerebral effects of a Sativa with the heavy resin production of Indica dominant plants.  Shortly following inhalation of this punchy pine wood scented vapor, pain gives way to full body comfort and uplifted disposition.  The effects are quite long lasting making this a great option for morning meds when you need to move past pains and get on with your day. 

  6. Obama Kush - Indica

    This is an Indica dominant hybrid that is characterized by the poweful physical and cerebral uplift it provides users.  The flavor profile is reminiscent of sweet berry wine.  Pain fades into the background immeadiately following the first puff.  The overall effects are euphoric relaxation with mild dry mouth and eyes possible.  Always be prepared to deal with side effects before you medicate or indulge in recreational cannabis.  Driving to the store for munchies and eye drops while you are medicated is a big no no.  Be prepared so you can enjoy the good vibes this plant brings without the negative side effects and interruptions.  The name comes from the President of the USA who has promised us many changes, reform of unjust laws against cannabis among them.

  7. Super Silver Haze - Sativa

    These citrusy sweet smelling nugs provide an uplifting and energetic aura when inhaled.  It is an effective analgesic that energizes and fuels creativity at the same time.  This is an excellent choice for a morning or afternoon pick-me-up.  The only down side is the possibility of dry mouth, but you know that can be prevented and easily handled.  Also beware of random giggling attacks.

  8. Afghani - Indica

    Known as one of the very first types of Cannabis to ever be cultivated for medicinal use thousands of years ago, Afghani boasts intensely frosty nugs with an even more intense, sweet, and musky aroma.  Provides a long lasting sedative yet euphoric effect with widespread powerful pain relief.  Great for a restful nights sleep.  The worst side effect is dry mouth, but that is easily remedied by ensuring proper hydration at all times.

  9. Willy Wonka - Sativa

    This relatively new strain is extremely effective against pain of all kinds.  The flavor profile is a little funky just like the name with hints of lemony fruits and a smooth rich undertone of something I can't describe.  The effects last several hours and are quite uplifting and motivating while at the same time a sense of calm pervades the experience.  Wonderful choice to start the day or as a mid day refresher.

  10. Northern Lights - Indica

    One of the most famous strains of all time, this plant is exceptional in it's ability to relieve pain and relax the body and mind alike.  The sparkling buds emit aromas of sweet and spicy citrus.  The overall energy of this strain could be described as tranquil.  Mind and body yeild to the comforting embrace of this powerful and long lasting medicine.  The ideal night time medicine as it might become difficult to stay awake and concentrate a short time following ingestion.  Make sure to keep lots of your favorite beverage nearby as with most indicas this will cause cotton mouth.

For best overall pain relief I have chosen the Hindu Kush strain of Cannabis, though all of the strains I have listed above are very useful in treating chronic and acute pain throughout the body.  They are a few among hundreds of diverse and immensly valuable varieties of the plant.  Cannabis could be considered an ancient folk remedy as it has been utilized by humans for tens of thousands of years to treat pain among many other ailments.  It is only in recent times that malicious and manipulative propaganda have demonized this infinitely valuable plant as something to be feared and suppressed.  I am not alone as many other people have begun to re learn the truth of this plants value and the true reasons behind its oppression.  There is nothing wrong about Cannabis or the people that use it to improve their lives.  Now is long past time that we re-awaken to the full potential of this wonderous plant.  Now is the time for true freedom.  Vote YES on Measure 91 In Oregon.  Wherever you are, vote to free Cannabis from these unrighteous shackles and stigma.