Best Heating & A/C in Your Area (Miami 305)

Published: October 23, 2014

He jumbled wires—red and yellow and bare copper—ten gauge, twelve gauge, zero gauge. He played with 220 volt electricity, producing brilliant arcs between oppositely phased wires. When the short circuit knocked out the lights, he smiled dreamily with pale, dry lips. The repairman gone berserk hurriedly closed his toolbox and exclaimed, "Pay me eight hundred fifty-eight dollars and ninety-twee cents," to the now jaw-dropped, nail-biting homeowner. White smoke eerily danced from the dryer outlet. Oh boy. How can a homeowner dodge this madness? By attentively reading the business guide below. The top-ten list reviews the best heating & A/C companies in your South Florida area. Miami residents leaf the phone book no more: your legwork is done; the named companies are licensed and insured.

  1. Alberto Appliance

    Commercial Air Conditioner Condenser AC Units Row

    Alberto Appliance ranks first place for one reason: it achieves the highest customer satisfaction. Owned and operated by the Hernandez family, and staffed by only a handful of employees, Alberto Appliance, not unlike a mighty ant wields a leaf many times its weight, manages a large clientele. The company services residents of Homestead, Miami Heights Manor, and Kendall. Countless customer reviews emphasize the approachability of Alberto Appliance employees. They are knowledgeable in HVAC and communicate very effectively with clients. For example, they thoroughly investigate work to be done before giving an accurate estimate. They explain project procedures clearly and without jargon. Alberto Appliance does business as with a close friend—honestly and in plain language. Call Alberto Appliance at 786-286-7028. Verify their alphanumeric license, L13000095451, at Florida's Department of State.

  2. AYC

    All Year Cooling and Heating (AYC), too, can address your repair needs amicably. Unlike the above mentioned company, AYC offers unbeatable payment options. For example, their President, Tommy Smith, extends customers up to sixty months of credit, with no interest. Homeowners hear that nowhere in America. This company respects your budget. With them, HVAC repairs no longer connote financial ruin. Furthermore, they honor our nation's veterans. Retired servicemen enjoy a cool $100 dollars off any installation and 10% off any repair. AYC also donates a share of its profits to charitable organizations, such as Thus, your purchases at AYC help save lives. Is your repair urgent? No worries, AYC offers same day service and installation. Call them at 888-721-2902 anytime. Look up their license number, 442831.

  3. 24 Hour Air Service

    Like AYC, 24 Hour Air Service (lic. CAC1814637) repairs your cooling system anytime, even in the wee hours of the morning (just in case you were abruptly woken by a gross, hippopotamus-like midnight sweat). 24 Hour Air Service knows well the unbearable heat of Miami and the discomfort this may cause to business- and homeowners, alike, when a cooling system fails. Therefore, they work around your schedule and always arrive on time. They are trained to successfully troubleshoot any HVAC problem, from repairing a faulty relay to replacing an entire air conditioning unit. This company does offer financing, but with interest; they do, however, work with creditors in order to make your monthly payments affordable. Featured on 7 News and Local 10, 24 Hour Air Service, with over 38 years of experience in the industry, wants to serve you. Give them a try by calling 305-653-5858.

  4. Home Depot

    Some people loyally stick to one national brand. If this describes your preference, then The Home Depot Heating & Cooling System Repair Department may sound like music to your ears. Interestingly, they warrant their labor for 90 days. Should anything malfunction within that time frame simply call 1-855-583-0553. Their cordial telecommunications associates will gladly dispatch a contractor to your home or business in no time. The Home Depot charges a diagnostic fee on its initial visit to your home or business. The company then credits this fee toward your repair or installation purchase. The Home Depot meets all local and safety building codes—otherwise, your house might go ablaze; remember that yahoo repairman that was alluded to in the introduction? Avoid him by doing business with The Home Depot. Their contractors are experts at servicing all types of cooling and heating equipment. Visit their website for more information.

  5. Cool Your Air

    Achoo! And then you blow your nose abundantly, but to no avail. The mucus still clogs your lungs and throat. The doctor prescribed duct cleaning. For those of you who reached for the duck feather duster: ha ha, nice try. Cool Your Air (lic. 1817029) employs no quacks and would love to unclog the ducts of your HVAC system. Their duct servicing effectively improves air flow and air quality. Your lungs will thank you. Aside from this specialization, Cool Your Air offers standard air conditioning repair and installation. Furthermore, the appliances they install are Energy Star certified so you can save money on the light bill. Do no let asthma and allergies take over you. Take action today; give Cool Your Air a call at 786-358-5158 for all your HVAC needs.

  6. Direct Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

    Ultraviolet lamp

    Direct Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (lic. CACO 57328), too, provides duct cleaning. And they cater to germ freaks also; they sell an ultraviolet apparatus that zaps any airborne bug. This company achieved BBB A+ certification, so you know they work honestly. They work anytime you call them and provide free estimates. They offer competitive rebates and referral bonuses. The company fully stocks its trucks; thus, their experienced repairmen tackle any HVAC problem. Ditch that whirling fan from the dollar store and call the people that are serious about helping you. Dial 786-422-5559; their representatives are there for you.

  7. All Zone Air Conditioning Company

    Does your house feel like an oven? Do you feel the sun's radiation coming through your attic? Then All Zone Air Conditioning Company (lic. CAC 1814735) wants to help you install quality attic insulation. This specialization sets them apart from other HVAC corporations. Oftentimes, a powerful air conditioner cannot sufficiently cool your home. That's when you know to call All Zone Air Conditioning. This company participates in the 30% federal tax credit. Thus, the government pays you to do business with them (up to $1,500). If this incentive does not excite you, consider the company's go green program. For a nominal fee, they will replace the freon in your HVAC system with the eco-friendly compound 410-A. This helps reduce ozone layer depletion. If you are motivated to care for our planet, please call 305-883-0094. This company serves business and residents for all HVAC needs.

  8. Weathershield Air-Conditioning

    Modern electronic thermostat

    Customers seek ease of communication when they do business with a company. Weathershield Air-Conditioning (lic. P05000064593) satisfies this demand with a simple, albeit effective HTML form. Use their website tool to send your contact information and a brief message; they respond promptly. Or simply call 305-989-5447. Either way, the company dispatches a knowledgeable employee to fix your HVAC situation. And all their estimates are free. They lead the HVAC industry with advanced tools and highly skilled employees. Furthermore, they minimally affect the environment by using improved technology; for example, they sell a smart thermostat that remembers how you adjust the temperature throughout the day. Thus, it keeps you comfortable, saves energy, and maintains a smooth operation of the air conditioner. Give this company a try today.

  9. Aloha Air Conditioning


    Once a company meets customers' needs satisfactorily, it can then focus on additional ways to meaningfully contribute to society. Aloha Air Conditioning (lic. CAC025379) associates might surprise us by performing a hula-hula, but—more importantly—they enthusiastically contribute to charitable organizations; namely, they support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Komen for the cure to cancer. Their trucks are wrapped in support of the above-mentioned charities. This company proudly holds the Super Service Award from Angie's List and A+ accreditation from BBB. They install, repair, and maintain air conditioning systems and specialize in air purification. If you want to breathe fresh air like that from the Hawaiian pacific, then call 855-882-5642 for an affordable solution.

  10. Air On Demand

    Do you ever wonder whether testimonials of a product/service are truthful and spoken by real people? Air On Demand frees you of such skepticism with a clickable customer review icon on their splash page. There, users of Facebook, Yelp, and Yahoo have left numerous positive reviews and you may do the same. Happy customers praise this company because it provides the newest green technology, such as the most efficient cooling appliances available in the market. They continually update their splash page with new offers to save you cash. Visit or call 305-259-5669 to receive world-class customer treatment.

Still unsure which company to select? Well, write down your HVAC problem or project idea. Next, list your priorities. For example, list green technology, charitable contributions, and customer satisfaction in order of importance. Use this list to choose the company that meets those qualities. And do not fret over your budget; the companies listed are willing to negotiate. Goodbye reader. Time to enjoy the indoor whirlwind and snowflakes.