Top 10 Scariest Video Games

Published: October 23, 2014

Ever had a game that scared you to the point where you just couldn't sleep? If the answer is no, then you need to re-evaluate your gaming experience. These are my top 10 video games that has ever scared me. Rather it was old or new, it had a lasting effect on me and my sanity. So, enjoy my list!

  1. The Evil Within

    Game Format: PS4/PS3 - Xbox 360/Xbox One - PC
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You are an detective called to an disturbance in the area, only to be trapped inside your own mind.

    There is something about a 8-legged woman with long black hair chasing you down a narrow hallway. Even being chased by a crazed maniac with a chainsaw that runs faster then you do. These are the things incorporated into The Evil Within. Created by the Original Godfather of Horror Survival, Shinji Mikami, it was originally designed to scare, and horrify its audience. I mean just look at her, she's creepy right?

  2. Outlast / Outlast: Whistle Blower

    Game Format: PS4 / PC
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: A reporter investigating an abandoned insane asylum.

    Insane Asylums, a reporter, varients and no way to fight back. Your only options are to run, hide, or die. How scary is that? The creepy music is playing, and you know that someone chasing you and you know that their intent is to kill you. You would be terrified right? So was I when I played this game. As for as the DLC for it, I believe that it was even worse. Especially when you know that the final boss intend is to turn you into a woman when you were created as a man.

  3. Alien Isolation

    Game Format: PC - PS4/PS3 - Xbox One/Xbox 360
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You play as Amanda Ripley, who is trying to find answers about her mother who was lost in deep space.

    Alien: Isolation is a suspense horror game that was suppose to be set back in the 1980's, when the first original movies were produced. You follow Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter whose trying to find answer about her missing mother. In the beginning, you start off as a technician at a company who was sent out to space with a group of others to investigate an abandoned space station. It is not abandoned when you're getting chased by an alien, or andriods. 

  4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    Game Format: PC [Windows]
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You are a man stuck in a castle trying to avoid the monsters within it.

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent was the first of it's kind. A horror game set in a castle. All that you have is a latern and your sanity. This game while scare you even if you aren't a big horror person. You are being chased by the monster below. It's the only monster but, it is terrifying. 


  5. Clock Tower 3

    Game Format: PC / PS
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You are a girl trying to find your missing parents.

    Whats worse than getting chased by an axe wielding maniac? Getting chased by someone wielding a large pair of scissors. This game will have you on the edge every time and all you can do is run, hide or die.

  6. Dead Space

    Game Format: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You are playing as Isaac Clark, stuck in space trying to find your ex, we is also stuck in space.

    You are Isaac Clark, a mand trying to find out what is going on in an abandoned space ship. You have weapons but whats more scarier than be chased by monsters? Being chased by giant monsters with tenticles and such.

  7. Silent Hill 2

    Game Format: PS2
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: James Sunderland arrives in Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his wife, he's trying to find her.

    This game will have you on the verge of a mental break down. From pyramid head monsters wielding a large sword at you. You arrive at Silent Hill because you recieved a letter from your deseased wife that tells you to meet her at the "special place". Knowing that she's been dead for 3 years you still go, and where do you end up? At a special place where there are monsters wanting to kill you. Yeah, sounds like a awesome idea.

  8. Resident Evil 1-4

    Game Format: PS-PS2 / XBOX
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You play as either Leon S. Kennedy, Claire Redfield, or Chris Redfield as you try to figure out how to survive in a horde of zombies.

    Before Resident Evil 5, this series was all about zombies and death. Basically, if you get caught by anything well of course you're dead. The gore and graphic content didn't help this situation either. It was something about seeing your head being cut off in Resident Evil 4 that well, left a lasting affect in your mind. Maybe it was seeing a giant fish coming your way, and you know that if this was real life then death was your option.

  9. The Suffering

    Game Format: PS2
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You're a prisoner trying to escape an underworld prison.

    The suffering was a game that put the fear in fearful. You played as a prisoner that was convicted of killing his wife and child. After being convicted and placed in a maximum security prison, until all hell breaks loose. You must escape while collectively loosing your mind in the process. Escaping insane doctors, and monsters. This game always had me on the edge of my seat.

  10. Bioshock

    Game Format: PS2 - Xbox
    Rated: M for Mature
    Concept: You're trying to save your little sister from being taken.

    The original Bioshock was more of a suspenseful horror then anything. It had its moments of being scary and unpredictible. Overall, it was a good game with loads of scares. 

These were the games that I am, or was afraid of. Now I can play them with ease. Horror survival or just straight horror, these games were awesome at showing you that side of gaming. These games will always go down in history as my favorite horror games of all time.