The best sushi in NYC

Published: October 21, 2014

The best places to eat sushi in NYC

  1. Sushi Samba

    Nightlife environment, great for a date. Sushi Samba has two locations in the city. Often live music or a DJ. Try the tacquitos as a starter, they are delicious. $$

  2. Momoya

    Momoya had two locations in city. One is in Chelsea, which arguably has a better menu and generally is more crowded, while the other location is in the upper west side. Momoya is great dining for any night of the week. Their soups are delicious and the menu has plenty of japanese dish options that are not sushi.

  3. Morimoto

    Arguably the best sushi chef in NYC, Mormoto's restaurant in Chelsea is great for a special date night. I recommend Morimoto's omakas. Yum Yum

Momoya is the best option for any day of the week. The best food for a reasonable price. Food may be picked up, but is not available for delivery.