Best Fashion Trends of the 80's

Published: October 18, 2014

The 80's for those who remember. Was a crazy time when it came to fashion. Here is a list of the best 80's fashion trends we all may still wear and some we would like to forget.

  1. Fishnet Tights

    Beginning in the early 80's fishnet tights were worn by young women completed with stelletos and a short mini skirt to complete th pop 80's look.


  2. The Punk Look


    Teens of the early 80's wore the punk look complete with spiked bracelets, spiked, colored hair,leather, and lots of chains.

  3. The Jheri Curl

    Worn by many black pop stars of the 80's including; Lionel Richie, Micheal Jackson, Deion Sanders, Ready for The World and many others. The Jheri Curl is one of those fashion trends that should just stay in the 80's.

  4. The Members Only Jacket

    Many men of the 80's wore the Members Only Jacket no matter what their status. If they were a star in Hollywood or and adverage 9-5 joe. Available in a variety of colors including; Black, Peach, White, Green, Brown, and Blue and many more.

  5. The Miami Vice Look


    In 1984 Mami Vice look was one of the biggest shows on tv. As Don Johnson entered into our living rooms he also bought a new fashion trend complete with the ice cream shirt, no socks and push up sleeves.

  6. Leg Warmers

    In the early 80's leg warmers were worn by dancers in and out of the gym. Only than did people begin to wear leg warmers as a everyday trend complete with a cut shirt,leotard and Richard Simmons.

  7. Calvin Klein Jeans


    Modeled by Brook Sheilds Calvin Klien Jeans were a must have to all women of the early 80's. If you were young or old everyone of this time had to have Calvin Klien Jeans in their closets.

  8. Big Jersey Hair

    Beginning in the early 80's having big hair was worn by any and eveybody. Jersey hair was one of if not the most popular 80's fashion trends of the 80's. The bigger the better.

  9. Raccoon Eyes

    Worn by both men and women of the 80's this classic look was a fashion trend dating back to the 30's and 40's still holding gold in the 80's and the present day.


  10. The Mullet


    The mullet was a popular hair style in the mid 80's it was a short cut in the front and a long shag in the back. Many artist wore this look  making it a popular trend for everyone to enjoy. This hair style like the Jheri Curl should just stay in the 80's.


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