The Best Heating and Air Companies in Somerset Ky

Published: November 15, 2013

I know better than anyone the pains of having your air go out on a hot summer day. In ten minutes your nice 68 degree house feels like an oven, with you inside roasting and franticly searching for anyone who knows a good company to fix your air. This can usally lead to alot of problems, like a bad mood, and sometimes the heat can bring out the flys, and im sure the last thing ou want to be is hot and sweaty surrounded by flys while the kids are screaming about how hot it is. 
Wll look no further i am here to help. I have compiled a list of the best heating and air companies in our area and im sure youll find it very helpful.

  1. Affordable Heating and Air

    Affordable heating and air is a local owned buisness that when it comes to service they got it. With the owner being the opperator you get a level of service that you wouldnt get from a large scale opperation. The owner is a very nice person and makes sure to get his work done quickly and makes sure it is right the first time everytime. He also works his best with you on prices. By this i mean he wont ask for 3 forms of id a copy of your last bankstatement or try and take a arm and leg. I have personally used this service a few time and they have never let me down. So if you perfer a quick professional and friend service this is your way to go.

  2. Davis heating and air service.