10 APPS/SITES That can help you earn Extra Pocket Cash.

Published: October 16, 2014

Here's a question, who all likes extra pocket cash? I'm sure everyone does. Who likes to receive free items, again I'm sure everyone does. Here in this article I am going to list my top 10 favorite sites that can help you do just that.

  1. Amazon Mechanical Turk


    Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Amazon Menhanical Turk (sometimes referred to as mturk) is a sister site of Amazon, that allows for you to complete small jobs known as HITS. The payout for each of the HITS can range anywhere from $0.01 - $40.00! (That is only if you qualify for the higher hits) After signing-up you have to wait two days for them to send you your registration information. Once you sign up; you will also be asked to sign up for an Amazon Payments account. This is how you get paid from mturk. You simply transfer your earnings to Amazon Payments and from there you can withdraw them to your back account or even into an instant amazon gift card to use on Amazon. There are no fees taking out for transfer, but if you transfer to a bank account it can take anywhere from 5-7 days depending on your bank account, but it sometimes doesn't take that long. Also after signing up you can't make any transfers to Amazon Payments for the first 10 days. Once the 10 days have passed you can transfer your earning over, EVERY CALENDAR DAY. If you already have an amazon account then this will be simple for you. If you don't have an amazon account. You will need to sign up for one. 

  2. Swagbucks



    If you're not familar with Swagbucks, you are totally missing out. Swagbucks is a site that allows for you to earn free gift cards and even PAYPAL CASH! You can earn swagbucks by completing offers, tasks, surveys, searching, shopping and even on the go via your mobile device (SBTV, EntertaiNow iOS devices. SBTV, EntertaiNow, MovieClips, SportlyTV android devices.) They offer gift cards for all sort of stores and if you get 2500 SBS you can do a $25 gift card or a $25 Paypal Cash. It does take anywhere from 10-14 days for giftcards to be sent to your e-mail account and up to 21 days for paypal cash to be posted into your paypal. If you choose to do the Paypal cash route you will need to use the e-mail that is attached to your paypal account or you can simply go to paypal and add your e-mail address to the account. 

  3. Checkpoints


    Checkpoints is available as an online website as well as on the go for both Android and iOS devices. The concept for Checkpoints is while you are out shopping you check into the store you are shopping in. This will then bring up a list of items that you can scan, to earn points. You can then turn these points into free gift cards, to Target, Amazon, Walmart, Groupon etc. Although, some may find it strange to scan items with their phones and then put it back, it is a great way to get free gift cards. Gift cards a usually e-mail to you no later than a week.

  4. Mobile Performance Meter

    For those of us who don't want to do a lot of work and own an Android device; there is Mobile Performance Meter. The concept of the Mobile Performance Meter is that you install the program in the background and that's it. It just simple runs in the background. For everyday it runs you earn 20pts and every month you get a survey for 150pts. They offer gift cards to Amazon, Dominos and other places. The gift cards are available as soon as you turned in your points and come directly to your e-mail account that you have to type in. So it's not like it attached to a certain e-mail account. From time to time you will have to check the meter to make sure it is still running as it sometimes stops running and if you don't receive your survey shoot their Customer Service an e-mail and they are pretty good on taking care of it.

  5. Clickworker


    Click worker is a site that does both Deusth and English jobs. When you sing up you do have to complete some tax forms, but after that you then need to add your paypal account to your clickworker account. After that they pay out on Wednesdays-Fridays as long as you have at least $1.00 payable. Click worker also offers assements that you can take to qualify for more jobs. Some of the jobs are not plentiful so to really benefit from this site you would have to check everyday to see what jobs are available. It is a great way to make extra pocket cash if you have the time. 

  6. LuckATastic

    If you are into scratch off lottery tickets then this is the app for you. Luckatastic is a mobile app feature on both Android and iOS devices. Luckatastic offers scratch offs that you can scratch off for tokens to use for prizes, plus you have an opportinuity to win cash. Although they don't have a lot of prizes they do have one of my favorites which is the free movie tickets. Also, if you when $10.00 in cash you can cash it out in the form of a check, or use the site dullo.com. However, I would recommend the check. Yes, it takes a moment for the check to arrive but the issues that you may run into with dullo makes you say I should have just gotten the check. So save yourself the headache and do a check.

  7. ShopKicks


    Shopkicks is a great way to earn free gift cards. Shopkicks is available on both Android and iOS. The concept of Shopkicks is simliar to that of Checkpoints. You can earn kicks by walking into stores, and scanning items that are located in the store if the store has items to be scanned. In addition to that, you can also tie your debit cards to shopkicks and earn kicks that way as well. The offer all types of items and gift cards that you can turn your kicks into. If you're going shopping why not have the app and earn free items.

  8. Checkout 51

    Checkout 51 is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS devices. Checkout 51 works well if you grocery shop on a regular basis (at least once a week) You get a list of items that give you money back. Once you purchase those items you then take a picture of your receipt and then select which items you want to reedeem. Depending on the items you need you can get anywhere from $20-$40 per receipt you do. Once you redeem an item you cannot redeem it again for that shopping week. The list updates every Thursday and you get a new list of items. You can get a check from them when you've reached a min of $20 and it takes at least 2 weeks for the first check to arrive. After that when you cash in it won't take as long.

  9. Viggle

    Viggle is a mobile app that is available on android, iOS, and windows mobile devices. If you love TV or music then Viggle is that app for you. Once you sign up for Viggle all you have to do is have viggle listen to your televison or music. You get 25 points for every new song that you viggle and 1 point per minute for whatever t.v. show you viggle. If you go to the What's On section it will tell you which programs offers 2x,3x,4x,5x and even up to 10x the points. In addition, some of the shows that you viggle also offer Triva questions for that show which will also allow for you to get up to 450 extra points. The only thing I have against viggle is that their prize section isn't the greatest. The gifts cards are very limited. So, if you have the points and see a gift card that you would like on there, you need to get it right away. Also, you can't spend points on the same card twice in the same day. So it helps me with my starbcks gift cards, and they do offer jcpenney, best buy and more. Their cards tend to vary. So even if you see a best buy card one day it may not be on there another.

  10. My Coke Rewards

    My Coke Rewards

    If you're an avid Coke drinker then this is a great program for you. If you remember the Pepsi points back in the day, Mycokerewards has taken that program and modified it by 10. You simply enter each participating coke product (also minute maid works for this as well) and it gives you points. You then can turn those points into giftcards, electronics, etc. Frequently, I use it for Groupon because I simple love to save, but they do offer all types of gift cards and prizes.

There you have my 10 app/sites that can help you get freebies and Extra Pocket Cash. The Holidays approaching who wouldn't want extra cash or gift cards to do some shopping. I hope that this helps lighten the load for you.


Enjoy your Extra Pocket Cash and Freebies.