10 Best Places to Nap on Brigham Young University (BYU Provo) Campus

Published: October 16, 2014

Written by an alumnus out of loving tender care for the current and future students of Brigham Young University, the ratings for these napping spots are based on personal experience and online research, considering such attributes as overall napping experience (including surrounding beauty), lighting, noise, and accessibility. Please note that there are many more candidates for great snoozing experiences all over this beautiful campus. It is greatly encouraged that students who love to nap try out several places and look online to see where they can share their opinions. Students serving students!

  1. The Memorial Hall in the Wilkinson Center (WSC)

    Photo credit: http://www.secretnapsociety.com/memorial-hall-at-the-wilk/img_0032/

    This beautiful room is said to be behind glass doors, at the end of a hallway that runs by Jamba Juice. This must be the best-kept secret on campus—because it is a memorial room for veterans, people are expected to be very quiet. There are many couches to choose from and not very many people know about this room. It is also said to be highly accessible to the sleepy student.

  2. The Sculpture Garden Between the Museum of Fine Arts (MOA) and the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

    Photo credit: http://www.sunraeart.com/keyword/sculptures/i-rgDhd2z/A

    On warm days or gentle summer evenings, the sculpture garden offers a wonderful retreat from the cares of the world. Leafy green trees waving in the wind and lush grass enclosed behind walls of foliage can almost lull a body to sleep against his or her will. Make sure to bring a jacket or backpack in case the grass is slightly wet, or in case of wind. Lay out and let all worries and consciousness drift away in the breeze.

  3. Atrium on the First Floor of the Library (HBLL)

    Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/100565212@N02/9570277081

    This napping spot is surprisingly quiet, even when hoards of students are squeezing through the entrances above during passing periods. One particular chair in the southwest corner is said to be the best place to snooze, complete with a nearby bench for a student’s backpack. Hidden behind a lovely, green indoor potted tree, students must be careful to set an alarm or they may find themselves oversnoozing their stay.

  4. Second Floor of the Joseph Fielding Smith Building (JFSB)

    Photo credit: http://www.secretnapsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/image-1.jpeg

    Located in a quiet offshoot of the hallway on the second floor, not as many students are aware of this napping sweet spot as one might think. Endowed with a scenic view from the window and fancy pictures and plants about the room, comfy couches and a chair with a footrest offer the perfect sleeping location. It may not be quite as dark as one would hope because of the window at certain times of the days, but it certainly is a nice place to snooze otherwise!

  5. Under the Stairs in the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

    Photo credit: http://www.secretnapsociety.com/the-nook-under-the-stairs/img_0019/

    Do not underestimate the comfort of privacy, even if no couch or chair is available. This spot is valued for the darkness and ambient “white” noise created by milling students, visitors, and professors. Look for the north stone staircase near the “drama slab” to locate this dream spot. Maybe pleasant dreams of music or art will float behind sleepy lids.

  6. Couches in the Richards Building (RB)

    Photo credit: http://rbfacilities.byu.edu/images/upload/a28fd3a87c6234bb3eadebde6b6c645d4c5ab8a2.jpeg

    On the far northeast side of this building, next to the stairs, several couches are tucked away in a cove off of the hallway. As straightforward as this building might seem, it is a little hard to find this nook, so look for dancers (they are said to be in that area) and do not be afraid to refer to a building map. The hard work to find it will be rewarded the first time, and forever afterward, one more place to conk out will be readily available for students in that area on campus.

  7. Under the Stairs in the Benson Building (BNSN)

    Photo credit: http://www.secretnapsociety.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_3888.jpg

    Surprised to see another sleeping spot under the stairs? It makes one wonder how many staircases on campus are prime napping candidates…anyway, this particular location is a little unique because it protected from light by recycling bins rather than a wall. Enter the building from the west side and find this snoozing haven under the stairs at the left. As a bonus, water fountains and vending machines are nearby. Do not worry! This place is quieter than one would think.

  8. Periodicals Section on the Second Floor of the Library (HBLL)

    Photo credit: http://blogsbytara.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/picture21.png

    To be straightforward, the library is the prime place to go in any sleepy situation. And one of the best places to sleep in the library is on the leather chairs on the second floor! One of the photos above pointed out that people sometimes come to the periodicals looking for dates, but likely not in this area. Located on the north end of the floor, walk on the east side of the moving bookcases to find this little nook.

  9. Near the Elevators in the Jesse Knight Building (JKB)

    Photo credit: http://iacurh.byu.edu/facilities

    Visit BYU campus almost any time while the sun is up and at least one student will be napping in the chairs or on the floor near the elevators in the Jesse Knight Building. The higher up the floor, the quieter the ‘napping nooks’ will be. The warm tone of the sun in the late afternoon makes these spots particularly attractive, as one can gaze out the window at the clouds or look down at the carefully manicured campus landscaping below if awake. If asleep, there is a calm assurance that these scenes will be there to greet the eyes of a newly awakened student.

  10. Family History Section on the Second Floor of the Library (HBLL)

    Photo credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BYU_Family_History_Library#mediaviewer/File:HBLL_FHL.JPG

    The black, comfortable chairs in the Family History section of the second floor in the library are said to be great for short, noncommittal naps. The noise and lighting do not promise a deep sleep, but create the perfect ambience for a short snooze. Curl up, lean back, or lounge—for 20 minutes, this is heaven.

To be honest, the Memorial Hall in the Wilkinson Center (WSC), rated number one on this list, is not one that can be backed by personal experience...how could it if its existence was unknown? That makes it an even better spot: if less students know about it, more couches are available for the taking! There is evidence to suggest that napping improves work and academic performance. Look it up sometime! And good luck with classes!