The Best Food Stores in Isla Vista, California

Published: October 10, 2014

This list has the top places to get food in Isla Vista, California. 

  1. Deja Vu Cafe

    Deja Vu is one of the best reastraunts in Isla Vista. They have a giant selection of choices. The best thing on the menu is the Western Devil. This is a burger consisting of two patties, onion rings, bacon, cheese, jalapeno poppers, and chipotle sauce. It is heavenly. 

  2. Woodstock's Pizza

    This pizza place can only be found in Isla Vista. It's local crowd of college students swarm to Woodstocks at every chance. Ranked the best pizza in Isla Vista by UCSB for years. Beer, pizza, wings, and sports. 

  3. Sushiya

    A local sushi place that will not disapoint. Wide variety of rolls from the local seafood from the California coast. They also have a wide variety of meets and salads. 

  4. Blaze Pizza

    This is a new pizza place in Isla Vista. It has become very popular becasue of the quality and fare price. Personal pizza's made to order with over 50 different toppings. You could get all on a personal pizza for eight dollars. 

  5. Isla Vista Deli Mart

    The perfect place to get a fast cheap meal. The widest variety you could want. The best thing on the menu has to be the How High Burger or the Fat Gaucho Sandwhich. 

  6. Freebirds

    The orginial Freebirds is in Isla Vista. Easily the best burrito and nachos you can get anywhere. It is always a treat to be able to afford it. The price is around ten dollars for a burrito or nachos. 

These are quality places to get food in Isla Vista. Anyone who has lived here would name these six places first!