The Best Rides at Disney World

Published: October 10, 2014

This list is the about the best rides at the Disney World Park located in Orlando, FL. After riding every attraction, I had to make a top 10 list. This was extremly difficult to do considering there are hundreds of attractions to choose from. However, here is how I would base of decisions.

1. The WOW factor. This is the moment that you first rode the ride and your jaw dropped, you couldn't stop thinking about it, and you seriously wondered "how did they DO THAT?"

2. Could I ride this ride FOREVER? That's right. Imagine being stuck on this ride for a day. This goes into the decision making. Sooooo sorrrryyyy it's a small world. You're already off this list.

3. Nostaglia factor. Some rides are disney world classics. Some new rides could become classics. What rides just made me smile.

  1. Soarin'

    Located in Ecpot, this ride will THRUST you over three stories into the air as you take in the sights and sounds of California on a MONSTER IMAX SIZE SCREEN. With the PERFECT soundtrack and On cue smells of oranges, the ocean, and more, this ride clearly deserves a spot on this list. The ride is smooth and enjoyable for everyone, clearly making this a must do item when visiting EPCOT. 


    Note-I enjoy this soundtrack so much, I use it as motivational music for's that AMAZING. 


    1. Big WOW FACTOR. 2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Future disney classic.

  2. Aerosmith Rock and Rollercoaster

    thrrreeeeeeeeeeeee. twoooooooooo. one.......

    0-60 miles super stretch limo roller coaster blasting off into a dark tunnel. What happens next, will forever live in my mind. I won't spoil what happens next, however you will be in the race of your life as you travel through Hollywood to get to your super important rock concert. Sit back, enjoy the ride, and sit in the front row. Hold on, it's a rocking good time. 


    1. Big WOW FACTOR.

  3. Pirates of the Carribean

    What ride is a classic, has produced not one, not two, not three, but FOUR, plus many more MOVIES...that's Pirates of the Carribean my friends. A rollicky good time with pirates and the new addition of Captain Jack Sparrow. The smells, sound, and class soundtrack, make this disney classic, a must ride experience. Dead Men Tells no tales...tales...tales...ah but they do tell tales. 

    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic.

  4. Splash Mountain

    As long as we are on water rides, let's get this one out of the way. Splash Mountain. THE BEST LOG FLUME RIDE EVER. I'll never forget as a child the first log flume ride I went on...and it NEVER ENDED. This my friends, was the one and only splash mountain. It's going to be zippity do dah day! Plenty of drops, great dark ride, and classic story. You'll always smile on this ride!


    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic. 

  5. Space Mountain

    Every "Mountain" will be on this list. Now...If I had to "choose" between Space Mountain in California and Space Mountain in Florida...California would win hands down. Why? California space mountain has the soundtrack built into the rides, better graphics, new track, and side by side seating.  However, that doesn't mean that Space Mountain doesn't deserve a spot on this list. A classic ride that blasts you off into space and never knowing where you will turn next will always put a big smile on your face.

    3. Disney Classic.

  6. Tower of Terror

    Incredible theming, an elevator that has an infinite number of drop sequences, and a great pre-show. This ride is now a classic and thrill located at Disney's Hollywood Studios. does an elevator go up, foward, and down??? Only in the twilight zone.

    1. Big WOW FACTOR. 2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic.

  7. Haunted Mansion

    Is the cieling rising or are you moving down? Classic disney ride with your favorite 999 haunts, they are always looking for more. Don't forget your death certificate. 


    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic.

  8. Hall of Presidents

    How did this make my list??

    It's a great place to catch a midafternoon nap on a hot summer day. Even the staff members have a hard time staying awake for this. However, if you do, it's extremly patriotic and will make you proud to be an AMERICAN.

    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER...with my eyes closed! 3. Disney Classic.

  9. Finding Nemo the Musical!

    Finding Nemo? The Musical? I don't recall that movie having any songs. It doesn't. However, disney has created an incredible broadway show, catchy tunes, and amazing pupetry to create a memorable family experience. I still sing about this BIG BLUE WORLD! 

    1. Big WOW FACTOR. 

  10. Expedition Everest

    Disney's tallest rollercoaster and Florida's tallest Mountain. It's expedition everest! This ride will take you through a mountain, forward, backward, and all around! watch out for yetis!

    1. Big WOW FACTOR.

  11. Jungle Safari

    Love animals? Me too, this ride, once cheesy, is now a classic Safari ride with animals from Africa. Get your camera out and be ready to catch a bunch of great pictures!


  12. The Jungle Boat Cruise

    Terrible jokes, bad animatronics, and old? Welcome to the Jungle Boat and my future retirement job! I LOVE the Jungle Boat cruise. The jokes are bad, but classic...the 9th wonder of the world? The backside of water!

    Someone was texting on their cell phone the entire ride and the boat captain made a great comedy show with it! When they realized it, they couldn't stop laughing. Phone was put away the rest of the ride

    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic

  13. The great movie ride

    A hollywood studios original. The great movie ride. A little outdated with their movies, however this ride will thrust you into classic hollywood and put a smile on your face. Hollywood...dum dum dum dum Hollywood!


  14. Toy Story Mania

    What could disney do to make the Buzz Light Astro Blaster look like ancient technology....insert Toy Story Mania!!! Great 3D ride and SO much fun to play with your family and friends!


    1. Big WOW FACTOR. 2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Future disney classic.

  15. Peter Pan

    What ride doesn't say disney classic like Peter Pan? You know it's a Walt Classic! Up Up and Away to Neverland!!!

    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic.

  16. Spaceship Earth

    I can imgaine the smell of Spaceship Earth right now...what is it? the fake smoke smell? dust? old? Either way, I can't get enough of it. I crave it. Take a step through time through  the history of communication. It's an educational ride and the view on the top is inspiring. I also really enjoy the new technology and the ride down!!! 


    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classsic.

  17. Dumbo

    If nothing other than being that little kid in the Disney Commercial. It's nothing special except moving your ride UP and DOWN, however it always makes you feel like a little kid. Plus, you won't get sick like the teacups.

    3. Disney Classic.

  18. Big Thunder Railroad

    It's the wildest ride in the west. The last of the mountains have to make this list. Twists and turn, inside and outside. You'll love this ride. I always ride it LAST everytime I leave the Magic Kingdom Park.


    2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney classic.

  19. Mickey Mouse

    MICKEY MOUSE TALKS! That's right folks! With Disney Magic, make sure you visit the mouse that started it all!


    1. Big WOW FACTOR. 2. COULD RIDE THIS RIDE FOREVER. 3. Disney Classic

There are so many different rides at the Disney World Resort worth riding. It's hard to categorize the best, however I would certainly say that all of these rides will WOW you, make you want to ride them forever, and have them have a special place your heart as a disney classic.