Asheville's Best Southern Food

Published: October 9, 2014

In the South, many restaurants serve traditional regional food. But simply being in the south does not qualify you to prepare delicious food. Often a popular plate is served and tastes like it came directly from the Sysco truck to the microwave to your table. In Asheville, North Carolina there are a lot of great restaurants. Some of these are already on travel sites' "Best Of" lists, but others are not glamorous enough for the average tourist. Listed here are the best southern dishes, whether pricey or super cheap, that you can find any day of the week in Asheville. 

  1. The Moose Cafe's Fried Chicken

    It is hard to screw up fried chicken for most people. This dish is simply perfect. If you grew up going to Sunday pot lucks after church service, this is the fried chicken of your childhood memory. Crispy, not dripping with oil and served with your choice of southern sides. They serve it at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

  2. Sunny Point's Shrimp & Grits

    You always have to wait in line when you eat here, but they've designed their waiting area to be about as beautiful as waiting next to the most traveled road in West Asheville. A lot of things on their menu are delicious, but this is the best thing they serve.

  3. Loretta's Muffaletta Sandwich

    The two issues you may have in an attempt to try to enjoy this perfect sandwich: they've run out and you forgot that they only take cash. Seriously, they run out of this sandwich often enough that I think it must be a marketing attempt. Just make more! 

  4. King Daddy's Fried Pies

    You are already inside to building to get chicken and waffles, but while you wait try the best thing on the menu: ham and egg fried pie. Served with a roasted tomato to assuage your guilt of eating all of that fried deliciousness.

  5. Bojangles' Biscuits

    I know, it isn't an Asheville thing to promote a fast food joint, but they have the best biscuits in town. They are buttery, flaky and taste good cold.

  6. Biscuit Head's Jam Bar

    Ironically, I don't like their biscuits. They have always been dry and tasted too much like baking soda. However, their jam bar is out of site and the biscuits end up serving as a vehicle for the dozen or so different delicious jams they have. All you can eat!

  7. The Southern's Mac & Cheese

    You may be tempted to get the lobster mac & cheese or the pulled pork mac & cheese. I can tell you that both of these are...a bit much. The straight up big white bowl of M&C that they bring to your table is all you need to feel like the luckiest person in the world.

  8. Rocky's Hot Chicken Shack Sides

    They take the cake when it comes to sides. Their fried pickles, cole slaw, corn pudding and pimento cheese grits are worth the gross drive down Patton Avenue. Plus, the staff there are great and will give you a discount if you show them your tattoos. 

  9. 12 Bones Ribs

    Yes, President Obama flies in his helicopter to get these ribs. If I had the power to not stand in line in order to get my meal faster, I would. Best. Ribs. Ever. 

  10. Luella's Brisket

    While I have sung the praises of the celebrated 12 Bones, I hold Luella's close to my heart (or my stomach) too. Their beef brisket is always the best I've eaten and it doesn't matter what sauce you get it with, it always satisfies. 

Be adventurious and be honest. Support your favorite restaurants because you love to eat there and not because its trendy. Asheville often reminds me of the "Emperor Has No Clothes" story, because people tend to not be honest out of not wanting to present a negative attitude. If something sucks, just say it. It doesn't do anyone any favors by being a polite liar.