The Best (Musically Talented) TV Show and Movie Stars of the 80's and 90's

Published: October 9, 2014

Everyone has their favorite tv show and movie from the 1980's and 90's. Shows like All That, Family Matters, to Full House and General Hospital each show has one thing in common. Everyone of these shows has a main character with a musical talent.

Here is my list of not only the best tv shows of the 80's and 90's but the shows that had the most talented main characters who not only had talent in the acting field but they weren't half bad behind the mic!

  1. General Hospital (Rick Springfield)

    Once the most popular popstars Rick Springfield was also a charming main character on the hit show General Hospital. Some of his most popular hits included; Jesses' Girl, Don't Talk to Strangers, and I'v Done Everything for You.

  2. Full House (John Stamos)

    Remember Uncle Jesse? Not only could Jesse charm the audience with his good looks but he could also sing and play a mean guitar. He fronted a band on and off the show called The Rippers.

    His band has toured and continues to perform today.

  3. Miami Vice (Don Johnson)

    Not only was this show popular for it's fashon and action packed episodes co-star Don Johnson made it known to all that he could take over daytime television as well as a the music industry with his hit "Heart Beat".

  4. The Jamie Foxx Show (Jamie Foxx)

    The most well known artist Jamie Foxx displayed his talents on his hit show the Jamie Foxx Show. Starting as a comedian on another hit show In Living Color Jamie Foxx displayed his talented voice for the 1rst time.

    He is still recording and acting today.

  5. Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Tatyana Ali)

    Will's little cousin Ashely Banks Tatyana Ali made her spot light debute as  singer in the epsisode called What's Will Got to Do With It? She sings the classic Hey Mr. DJ by Zhane in front of a mixed crowd at the mall. Will then tries out to be her manager. She later released a few hits after the show went off the air called Boy You Knock Me Out, Day Dreaming, and Everything.

  6. Moesha (Brandy)

    A pop sensation during the 90's with a string of hits including; Want to Be Down, Sitting in My Room, Best Friends, and Have You Ever. With her signature braids and unique voice she showed the world not only could she sing but star in her own to show. 

  7. Family Matters (Thelma Hopkins)

    Thelma Hopkins or Aunt Rachel played in a series of television shows such as; Bosom Buddies staring Tom Hanks , and she also sang background for the 70's group Tony Orlando and Dawn. The singer of the hit Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree.

  8. Family Matters (Darius McCrary)

    Darius McCrary better known as Eddie Winslow the eldest son of Carl and Harriet Winslow on the hit show Family Matters. McCrary displayed his vocal talents on the show proving he was not only good looking and a great actor but he could also sing!

  9. Martin (Tichina Arnold)

    Martin's rival Pamala James started on the hit 90's show in the 1990's. The best friend of Gina Waters (Tisha Campbell)on and off the screen Tichina Arnold displayed her voice on the episode entitled "Martin I Want to Sing" episode 23 season 4.


  10. House Party (Kid and Play)


    Ok ths wasn't a tv show but it should have been!

    Anyway, these two talented actors lit up the screen with their hit movies Class Act, House Party I,II,and III. Kid (Christopher Reid) and Play (Christopher Martin) were a talented hip hop group that started out in the mid to late 80's. They recorded a string of hits including; Rollin with Kid n Play, Hype, and Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody.

General Hostpital's Rick Springfield was one of the first to truly master the techique of acting and being a pop star. Succeeding in both areas.

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