The best youtubers ever.

Published: October 8, 2014

This list is about the best people who entertain make people laugh and even change their lives on one of the biggest social media sites in the world.This list is dedicated to those who have taken time and effort to do that.So these youtubers should be recognized and are probably already world icons.


  1. PewDiePie

    PewDiePie has been one of the longest andmost entertaining youtuber in the world and is known for his gameplays and funny attitude.He the only youtuber to have more than 30 million subscribers.

  2. POiiSED

    Although poiised has been on youtube for a short amount of time and has 20k subscribers hes is also one of the funniest youtubers ever.His love of screaming and scary games as gave him succes.

  3. OpTic NaDeshot

    Optic nadeshot is a not so funny but encouraging guy.He is a pro MLG player and makes this list for doing what he loves and making a living off of it.Also encouraging other to fllow their dreams.

These youtubers make this top 3 list for their change in peoples lives.They all do what they do for the people.