5 Best Hiking Trails in Northern Nevada

Published: October 7, 2014

The Best Hiking Trails in Northern Nevada and descriptions of them.

  1. Hunter Creek Canyon

    The first time I went on this has to have been over ten years ago. Back then it was hard to access, you usually annoyed the neighbors by parking in front of their houses and then walking to the trail. But lo and behold today it has it's own parking lot and bathroom and man is it swanky. That's besides the fact that you get an awesome trail and a way to get out of Reno for a little while. The best part is that it ends with a Waterfall, not the most climatic waterfall but it's still beautiful.

  2. Mount Rose

    This is a one of a kind hike. At first you huff and puff your way up to the switchbacks but along the way you go past a waterfall and the sights are amazing along the trail. When you hit the Summit it's like wow! I never knew I could be this high. And just looking down on Reno is amazing. Check it out! It definitely deserves it's own place.

  3. Huffaker Hills

    Huffaker Hills is by Rattlesnake Mountain a little hard to know it is there but it is definitely worth it. You have to go off of McCarran Blvd to the right while heading North bound on McCarran Blvd. Just follow this dilapidated road up about a mile or so and on your right you will notice a parking spot meant for a number of cars. It has an informational sign about the area. Just get out of your car and start Hiking. Who knows what you may find! The trails are well marked and used. 

  4. Wedekind Regional Park

    Wedekind Regional Park is another place in the area that people don't notice. It even says on the City of Sparks website that Wedekind Regional Park is a future park. But for being a future park it sure has a good start. It is actually right next to Pyramid Highway before Walmart on the right hand side and I didn't even know it existed till I went off and parked at a parking lot and started walking. It is an awesome future addition to our park system. It took me at least an hour to circumnavigate the whole thing, but the views were worth it plus you get to see another side of Reno/Sparks that you never knew existed. Check it out!

  5. Rancho San Rafael Regional Park Trails

    I know everyone has heard of this, but it is a very uplifting and enjoyable hike. You have multiple ways you can go, but I always try to go the longest way to get more enjoyment out the hike. You will make your way around a beautiful lake and through some interesting shaded areas that have history with them that you can read along the way. This is more like a relaxing walk then a hike but it is still worth it. Check it out!

Hunter Creek, Mount Rose, Huffaker Hills, Wedekind Regional Park, and Rancho San Rafael. Good places to start your hiking adventures in Northern Nevada all the way from easy to hard, but every one of them is worth it. Just get out there and Check it out!